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Merry Christmas! - The Pigskin and Foot Ball Christmas Gifts
The Christmas gifts are now available in-game in some regions and you might want to log in to grab this year's gifts: Foot Ball and The Pigskin! If you missed out on the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater last year, you can purchase it from various Smokywood Pastures vendors.

Patch 5.2 - Throne of Thunder Encounters
Take a look at the upcoming boss fights through the encounter journal entries for Throne of Thunder!

Thanks and Praises to the WoW Community
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As we’re about to take a little break for the holidays to spend time with our friends and loved ones, perhaps by the fire with ardent spirits filling our goblets, and frankincense and myrrh nipping at our noses—or really just getting in some much desired game time—we want to wish all of you a very merry journey into the new year!

In a most festive (and potentially damning) fashion, we put together this picture of the North American World of Warcraft community team for you.

Back (from left): Crithto, Bornakk, Zarhym, Rygarius
Front (from left): Brennvin, Daxxarri, Nethaera, Bashiok

If that doesn’t provide you with sufficient joy, here are some unedited individual shots of us. I can’t tell you how ill-advised it would be of me to suggest that you manipulate these images as you see fit. It would be especially inappropriate to then ask that you send your strange interpretations to us on Twitter. That seems quite absurd!

It’s truly been a pleasure for us to represent Blizzard and the World of Warcraft community to each other this past year. We’re anxious to hit the ground running in January, and we look forward to sharing in the adventure with you. Have a lovely holiday, all!
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  1. S7orm's Avatar
    Foot - Ball

    i lol'd hard
  1. Tokas's Avatar
    oh look more useless on use items, yay
    can't wait for those fan-edited pictures tho xD
  1. Ronnosh's Avatar
    Bashiok needs to ditch that creeper 'stache, lol.
  1. traen's Avatar
    Gosh. I'm afraid of those geeks.
  1. Runeweaver's Avatar
    Bashiok looks the best
  1. Arbs's Avatar
    Merry Christmas
  1. swallowtail's Avatar
    You the man!
    And the rest of em look awesome too xD
    Its always nice for people to see the blues they talk to are real humans caring and bearing for the community
  1. dahawk's Avatar
    merry x-mas world of warcraft team
  1. Maleagant's Avatar
    Awwww Yeah.Warcraft team rocking the Mom Christmas sweaters.

    Also Bashiok that stache is epic.You the man

    Merry Christmas Warcraft Team.
  1. Evelyn's Avatar
    World of Warcraft... let yourself go!
  1. caninepawprints's Avatar
    Bashiok looks like a lot of fun!
  1. notorious98's Avatar
    Bashiok looks like he starred in '70s gay porn. Just sayin.
  1. wildemu's Avatar
    nice to put a face next to the people who have ruined the game.
  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wildemu View Post
    nice to put a face next to the people who have ruined the game.
    Yeah, damn those COMMUNITY MANAGERS that make all the design decisions for the game... Damn them ALL!!! >_>
  1. kouby's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by notorious98 View Post
    Bashiok looks like he starred in '70s gay porn. Just sayin.
    Pretty much this, yeah.
  1. TheMeII's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DanielBrems View Post
    Another batch of crap boring bosses it seems!
    [title]YES!!! You Are Correct[/title]
    title says it all...

    It's an another batch of World of Warcraft dungeon bosses.

    You know, game sucks, you hate it, you leave.


    on the other hand, for me it's another batch of bosses that I want to master, after that I want new challenges, IT DOESN'T MATTER if half of their abilities have been done before and others are recycled ones.

    edited since title doesn't seem to show anywhere in replies.
  1. Christian Troy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by notorious98 View Post
    Bashiok looks like he starred in '70s gay porn. Just sayin.
    I think you watch too much oldie porn.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tribunal View Post
    So.... what happened to the achievements to use the presents, such as carroling to (or shooting) faction leaders?
    They're still there, under World Event -> Winter Veil
  1. Grutle's Avatar
    Is brennvin norwegian or atleast scandanavic? Brennvin means liqour in norwegian :P
  1. foxHeart's Avatar
    At least now I can imagine a face with the all the bullshit I see these blues post.

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