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Patch 5.3 PTR - Build 16888
Build 16888 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon.

Updated Models
The MoguTitan model has changed significantly since it first appeared.

New Items
Only one new item this time, but you can see all of the new items in Patch 5.3 on the WoWDB PTR site.

Level Type Slot Name
20Companion Pets Murkimus' Tyrannical Spear

New Strings
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  • CAPPED - Capped
  • ERR_LFG_TOO_FEW_MEMBERS - You do not have enough group members to queue for that.
  • TICKET_STATUS_NMI - Your ticket requires additional information

Automated In-game Mail
  • Automated In-game Mail #385 - Congratulations, Vanquisher!: On behalf of the Steamwheedle Fighting Circuit, we congratulate you upon your successes in the latest Arena Tournament.$B$BIn recognition of your skill and savagery, we hereby bestow upon you the title of Vanquisher. May you wear it proudly.
  • Automated In-game Mail #386 - Congratulations, Vanquisher!: On behalf of the Steamwheedle Fighting Circuit, we thank you for your participation in the latest Arena Tournament.$B$BIn appreciation, we hereby bestow upon you the companion Murkimus Tyrannicus! May he stand alongside you in future battles.

Achievement Changes
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Feats of Strength

Spell Changes
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Item Set Bonuses

Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Swiftmend now has a 10 yd range, up from 8 yds.
  • Tranquility now heals 12 players in in 25 player instances
  • Wild Mushroom: Bloom now has a 10 yd healing range, up from 8 yds. Healing and SP scaling doubled.

Balance & Restoration
  • Wild Mushroom (Restoration) now accumulates healing power from 50% (up from 25%) of overhealing done by your Rejuvenation, up to a maximum of 67% (up from 33%) of your health in bonus healing per mushroom

  • Ironbark now has a 1 min cooldown, down from 2 min.
  • Swiftmend now has a 10 yd range on the additional healing to nearby targets, up from 8 yds.
  • Wild Mushroom: Bloom now has a 10 yd healing range, up from 8 yds. Healing and SP scaling doubled.

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Major Glyphs

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator)

  • Divine Hymn now heals 12 players in 25 player instances, up from 5.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Cloak and Dagger now allows you to use Ambush, Garrote, and Cheap Shot from 20 yards away, down from 30.

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Arcane Burst Inflicts 200,000 Inflicts 125,000 Arcane damage to all enemies within 0 yards. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Cosmic Barrage Channeling a Cosmic Barrage. 3 2 sec cast (Channeled). 10 sec cooldown.

CoverItLive Developer Q&A: Thursday, April 25
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Topic: Mists of Pandaria Gameplay and Design, Patch 5.2 and Beyond

Time: 5:30 p.m. PDT
Duration: Approx. 45 minutes

Panelists: Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, Greg Street
Moderators: Bashiok, Crithto, Daxxarri, Rygarius, Zarhym

Good people of Azeroth, lend me your eyes!

We’ll be hosting a live World of Warcraft developer Q&A open to the community on Thursday, April 25 beginning at 5:30 p.m. PDT. Designers Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, and Greg Street will be available to field your questions about Mists of Pandaria gameplay and design, patch 5.2, and beyond. This will be a moderated chat, and community managers Bashiok, Crithto, Daxxarri, Rygarius, and I will be there to filter your submissions for the developers.

We receive thousands of questions each time we host these events, so please be patient with us and bear in mind that we won’t get to every question. You can help by keeping your inquiries concise and focused on one topic per entry. Submissions that are well over 200 characters, or contain multiple questions on an array of topics, are much less likely to receive responses. We want to cover as much ground as possible and appreciate your assistance in helping us to achieve that.

To participate, all you have to do is log in to the CoverItLive client embedded below once the Q&A is live. You can create a CoverItLive account, use your Facebook or Twitter credentials, or simply sign in as a guest. If you’re on the go while the event’s underway, be sure to check out the free CoverItLive mobile apps available on the Android Market and iTunes Store.

We look forward to chatting with you on Thursday!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I try to do all the LFR instances every week... any reason why I can't queue for all of them at once? (similar to BGs)
Hoping to fix that in 5.3. (Source)

"of the Black Harvest" title for Warlocks who completed Green Fire quest chain? Interesting forum idea I saw. No FoS but title
We'll consider it. No promises. (Source)

would you ever consider some form of mounted combat (not like ToC) but players on their own mounts? Cavalry?
Not likely. It would be a massive undertaking without a clear chance of success. (Source)

Please put the Headless Horseman mount on the BMAH
We'll consider it. (Source)

Do you guys (the dev team) wish you would have done an item squish for MoP? Or still think its somethng for later.
I don't think Mists was hurt much from its absence, but it's still on the table for the future. (Source)

it's a really tiny annoyance but could we get rid of the role check window for pure damage dealers ?
Yes, it's on our to-do list. (Source)

Adding a section of the in-game browser about "Recent Hotfixes" could be neat too.
Yeah, we like that idea too. (Source)

sry bugging you again. why not have the LFR loot system for LFD in 5.3?
For starters, not every boss has a deep enough loot table. (Source)

Infinite Crisis Beta Key Giveaway
US and EU Curse Premium members can grab a beta key for the upcoming Infinite Crisis beta, which will open to all members towards this weekend.

Paragon Tier 15 Interview
Manaflask has another interview, this time with Paragon about their thoughts on this tier of content. You can see the hightlights below, or read the full interview on Manaflask.

  • Paragon also sees 10 and 25 man as separate races, and the lack of competition in the 10 man race didn't affect them.
  • They felt the tier was reasonably long, but could have been longer.
  • Ra-den didn't work out well due to the clever use of game mechanics that lets you skip part of Phase 1 mechanics.
  • Throne of Thunder is one of the best raids produced.
  • A few players need to be replaced before preparing for the next tier.

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