Warlords of Draenor Press Events - Gameplay Footage and Spoilers
Blizzard organized a couple of press tours in Europe and Korea and interesting info about the new expansion is starting to appear on the web.

Mamytwink.com got to play the expansion for 5 hours and gave his impressions along with a couple interesting spoilers. Below is a rough translation of original article:

Leveling and Other Numbers
  • I played a gnome warrior in the Shadowmoon Valley, the Alliance starting zone. After about 5 hours of /played and 80 quests I reached the end of the zone and Level 92.
  • At level 91, I had 63k health as a Tank.
  • Monsters had around 100k health.
  • I was dealing around 1k to 5k damage on normal hits. Up to 10k critical damage for some abilities (Shield Slam).
  • It takes 597k XP to go from level 90 to level 91 and 640k xp to go from level 91 to 92.
  • Quests rewards were between 10k and 15k xp. Up to 20k for the difficult ones.
  • A new quest type is available: the "Bonus Objectives". When you walk around a zone, new objectives might appear randomly in your quest list. Completing the objectives will reward you with extra experience, leaving the area will drop the quest.

Shadowmoon Valley
  • Shadowmoon Valley is composed of lush green plains lit by the moonlight. It has a very peaceful feeling. The glades and forests are amazing and very colorful. You will find Naarus, Draeneis cities, and Iron Horde strongholds in the zone.
  • The Alliance starting zone seems pretty much finished. Lots of details, impressive vegetation, and a lot of different monsters.
  • I found a lot of monsters from The Burning Crusade that have been updated: Talbuks, Nether rays, Turtles, Larvas, Boars, Sporebats, Wolves, Bees. The new Talbuks and Sporebats models are EPIC.
  • Ner'zhul is the principal antagonist of the zone.
  • The zone ends with a scenario that I couldn't test because it wasn't available. It was called "Grommar's Purge" (Note: roughly translated)
  • I found the zone really well made. The vast plains and colorful glades immerse you entirely in the game. The scenery is new and doesn't give you a feeling of deja vu (except for some monsters, but it's not really shocking).

  • The new race models are great (I could also create a female dwarf). The facial expressions are awesome!
  • The new soundtrack is also very good.
  • When asked about the beta, Ion Hazzikostas answered : SoonTM.

SPOILER The zone ends with a pretty huge storyline twist, only click the line below if you do not care about spoilers. You should probably stay away from the comments of this news as well.

Ner'zhul uses an evil force, the Void Terror. At the end of the zone, you fight Ner'zhul and he manages to corrupt a Naaru into a "Dark Naaru". To purify the Naaru, Velen sacrifices himself and dies. This is a pretty huge plot twist and his death will be part of a cinematic at the end of the quest. It is followed by a giant battle. You join Maraad (freed from Ner'zhul earlier) to fight the Iron Horde.

Warlords of Draenor Gameplay Footage
Inven (Korean website) posted 3 videos of actual Warlords of Draenor footage on their Youtube channel. You can see a couple new things in these videos, including:

Warlords of Draenor Update Coming Soon
Last but not least, Celestalon teased us tonight with the promise of some more Warlords of Draenor information coming soon!

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  1. Dustdevil's Avatar
    Marty and Doc Brown will fix the timeline so Velen won't die.
  1. Quanes's Avatar
    As long as the gear scales linearly, then level 100 scaling won't get out of control.
  1. Ragu4's Avatar
    Make new lore to use Velen? Nah too hard, kill him in some zone!
  1. caninepawprints's Avatar
    I'm disappointed they spoke about the new talbuk model and then don't show us any photos of it!
  1. Deztru's Avatar
    I was hoping for a bigger squish to the HP's but ohwell
  1. GoKs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deztru View Post
    I was hoping for a bigger squish to the HP's but ohwell
    Yea me too. Like if you have 600k now at lvl 90 you would have 6k at lvl 90 devide all by 100k..... but that might have been a bit much looking at it now lol
  1. stealthymatsuda's Avatar
    I'm a little worried at the bonus quests dropping when you leave the area... might cause some problems with people who happen to accidentally leave the area, ect.
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mush View Post
    - - - Updated - - -

    What does that have to do with the conversation at hand?
    Because if you bothered to read back abit someone said "They wouldnt kill off a major character just like that would they?"
  1. Violent's Avatar
    "The grass now moves as your character walks through it."

    Uhh.. No, no it doesn't. Where did you get that information?
  1. Throren's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Violent View Post
    "The grass now moves as your character walks through it."

    Uhh.. No, no it doesn't. Where did you get that information?

    skip to 5:09 and look at the grass
  1. Vilnus's Avatar
    Good news. Very interesting

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