Update (8:20 PM EDT): The Legion dungeon race has been rescheduled to Thursday, February 11 so that it won't conflict with Overwatch!

Monstrous' Armor Rack, Quin's GR 100 Support Monk

Love is in the Air Card Design Competition - Win a 3D Printed Card, Ben Brode on Standard, Wild, the Future, TAC #133

Li-Ming Wallpaper, Heroes WTF Moments #35

Warcraft Movie Rewards
A user on Reddit shared a survey that went out about the Warcraft movie. It mentioned a potential offer that would reward anyone who purchased a ticket with a copy of all expansions through Warlords of Draenor, one month of game time, and an in-game item. What kind of item would you like to receive?

Legion - Hippogryph Mount
Another two colors of the Hippogryph are being added in Legion.

Helmets Temporarily Hidden In Legion Alpha
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hello everyone! We wanted to give you a quick heads-up on a temporary change in the current Alpha build that could use a little extra context, to avoid confusion.

Our art team is currently working on some updates to the way helmets are shown in the game, which will ultimately make them look a lot nicer on the high-definition models released with Warlords of Draenor. That work is still in progress, and as a result, head-slot items are in varying stages of work-in-progress. In order to keep things looking sensible – and avoid generating a whole lot of unnecessary bug reports – we’ve hidden that slot from displaying on all characters temporarily while our artists put their finishing touches on things.

Thanks for your patience!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Sylvanas Armor Changes
I think you're misusing the word "Censored" here for one. For another, I personally love her look. I like knowing she has on armor that may actually protect her from the battle she's digging herself into. She's a strong character (to me) no matter what she wears. I'd think if I were her, I'd want a change of outfit now and then too.

Characters evolve and change. Their armor and outfits are going to change. Thrall is just one example of how what he wore was a reflection of the changes he went through. Other characters are bound to see evolutions and changes as they make sense both in their visual representation and in their stories.

These types of discussions while generally welcome when kept clean, are often just minefields for some inappropriate discussions. I'd like to please caution everyone to not get into the quagmire that results in personal attacks or mud slinging. Art is subjective and what one person interprets something to mean or be may not be what someone else interprets something to be. What one person likes, may not be what someone else likes. That's OK. Just remember that there's no place here for venom toward anyone for those likes or dislikes.

Can't help but think that the change was made from the pressure I mean you've tried to make it official in hots and ended badly when people complained about it on the forums now you do it instantly without showing preview or anything
I think people have a stilted point of view on what they see as "pressure". Things change. Times change. The balance between male and female players in WoW is actually much closer than you think and has been for a long while. The topic of what women like or don't like, or play, or have done in the past isn't cut and dry either. I've been playing games (and liking "geek" things) since I first played the Atari as a little girl. I like PvP and blowing things up. Other women may not. Some women like their character to look 'practical'. Others have a different 'fantasy' of what their character should be like. I would never claim to represent "all women" that would be preposterous.

The same can be said for men. You can't paint everyone with the same brush. It just doesn't work. This is a more complex issue than what should be on these forums. We're getting into dangerous territory here and I've already had to remove some pretty disparaging remarks aimed at others. This community is smarter than that.

Perceptions of what is and isn't over the years have always baffled me. It seems to go in waves. Each new generation believes fervently that it is or was different for them or has changed 'over the years'. Perception is an amazing thing. It's your perception that this and all other related changes are because of 'x'. Could that be a part of it? Sure. Nothing is being taken away from you or the character with this change. If this was an awards show, you'd be asking her who she's wearing rather than, what she plans to do when she faces the Legion with her people. I have a feeling she plans to lay some smack down.

*I'd like to advise people not to give 'parenting advice' here for Mr. Metzen or anyone else. Again, this isn't appropriate. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Returning Player
Welcome back! I'm sure you just ran into the types that assume you must/have to know it all already. It makes returning a bit rough at first when you run into them first out of the gate. I have no doubt you'll get back in the swing of things quickly and find some people (starting here maybe?) who would be happy to help you get up to speed.

That's a good generic dev post for a game where the community is more toxic than ever. I don't have suggestions to make it better, but the community is bad.
I disagree with the statement of "more toxic than ever" but I don't want this thread to turn into that. There are some really great people in the community, many of whom (as I mentioned in my post) would love to help a returning player out. You just have to be open to it and not let the 'bad apples' spoil the whole barrel for you. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
I stopped playing World of Warcraft due to the LFR/LFD feature that you implemented. It took away the atmosphere and server communities died following X-realms and phasing. What was your reasoning behind this rather than merging servers as many rather wanted? My name was't THAT unique.
The features you're talking about were implemented to give players an option to run content besides just sitting around spamming chat when their friends weren't online. I have always had a huge guild in WoW, and I still remember spamming chat for groups -- and I was a tank!

Cross-realm was more targeted and solving the problem of realm population disparity. The concept of a realm has been pretty integral to the game for a long time. It was important to get to know the folks on your realm. That changed for a lot of reasons -- realm transfers, leveling becoming more easily, and the age of the game just to name a few.

Final Boss - Restoration Druid Spec Preview
Final Boss is back with another spec preview! You can see all of their weapon models here.

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  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Hopefully the ingame item adds another raid tier
  1. mmoc9590e3104a's Avatar
    Yeaaas please and a Chainly connected raid design.
  1. toon181's Avatar
    >Litch King

    Just because someone posts a screenshot of text to Reddit, doesn't make it legit.
  1. Daedius's Avatar
    The Movie has a baby Thrall right...?

    So there you have it, we're getting a Baby Thrall battle pet...!
  1. Kazuchika's Avatar
    Laughing my ass off at the Sylvanas thing. This era of political correctness is so pathetic.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by toon181 View Post
    >Litch King

    Just because someone posts a screenshot of text to Reddit, doesn't make it legit.
    You're correct. However,

    Originally Posted by Araxom
    Although it's always a good idea to be wary of phishing attempts, I wanted to drop in to let you know that this survey is legitimate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Random Person View Post
    That's really fishy that you guys have misspelt Lich though. You should maybe send an e-mail out telling people that it was a mistake and not to panic or something?
    Originally Posted by Araxom
    I'm not sure if a correction email has been sent (good feedback), but I do know that the typo has since been corrected for subsequent mailings. I'll be sure to forward the suggestion along! ty
  1. effs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Hopefully the ingame item adds another raid tier

  1. Penegal's Avatar
    I would prefer it if the item came separately from the expansions. I really don't want to add another account in my battle.net one just for a single item. Please don't make them 1 code.
  1. Terashi's Avatar
    More pets please.
  1. Azahel's Avatar
    Make an undead queen wearing a bikini and people are fine with it, make her change into some armor to go to war and everyone loses their minds!
  1. Sykol's Avatar
    I thought I'd played every expansion, but that Litch King sounds like one cool dude. Don't know how I missed out on that one.
  1. Arafal's Avatar
    Feel the Wrath of the Litch King!
  1. otarma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by toon181 View Post
    >Litch King

    Just because someone posts a screenshot of text to Reddit, doesn't make it legit.
    The official Blizzard response in that post makes it legit.
  1. Aeula's Avatar
    Well if they do include all that then i'll buy a ticket, sure.
  1. TrollShaman's Avatar
    The question is, is the in-game item exclusive to only new accounts bought from the Ultimate Movie Edition?
  1. Jackcorvus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azahel View Post
    Make an undead queen wearing a bikini and people are fine with it, make her change into some armor to go to war and everyone loses their minds!
    I'm ok with the new armor, i only dislike the new colors.
  1. Magemaer's Avatar
    The item from the movie promotion should be unique, not just another mount or pet.
    What about a flag with the movie's art of the lion of sotrmwind and the horde symbol?
  1. mmocaccd5f9eea's Avatar
    Ghostcrawlerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  1. Granda's Avatar
    I don't get people who complain about Sylvanas getting more armor. She has only had one incarnation to date that wasn't fully armored or close to it.

    She's in a war. Against very big demons. Leaving your entire mid-riff open is just a bad idea for someone fighting. I thought the same thing for Garrosh always running around without any armor, its stupid.
  1. Sentynel's Avatar
    Is it a one time thingy or will I get the rewards every time I watch the movie? I plan to go to the theater ~3 times to watch Warcraft.

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