Assault on Broken Shore
Unlocking the Broken Shore zone requires completing a quest chain and scenario.

  • Khadgar will have a new quest for you, sending you to the Broken Shore to fight the new Legion presence.
  • This quest sends you into the Assault on Broken Shore scenario, where you head down to the Broken Shore, fighting your way through the Legion presence on the beach, island, and up to their ships.
  • Familiar faces such as Velen and Illidan will fight alongside you.
  • Completing the scenario unlocks the outdoor Broken Shore area and rewards 50 x Legionfall War Supplies.

The Broken Shore
  • A flight path is available that is connected to Dalaran.
  • When the Mage Tower building is active, portals to Broken Isles zones will be available.
  • On the Broken Shore, you can complete your Class Hall Campaign, unlocking a new follower as well as your class-specific flying mount.
  • New armor kits are available as quest rewards allowing you to upgrade Class Hall set pieces to 870 item level.
  • Two new currencies have been added: Nethershards and Legionfall War Supplies.
  • A new faction was added: Armies of Legionfall.
  • Throughout the zone, you'll find assorted shrines and plants that grant temporary buffs.

New Enemies

Nethershards and the Armies of Legionfall

Dauntless and Relinquished Tokens

New Currency: Legionfall War Supplies
  • Legionfall War Supplies are used to aid in rebuilding Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore.
  • Players can donate 100 Legionfall War Supplies per day via a daily quest, which is counted towards the efforts in rebuilding a single building.
  • All three buildings (and buffs) can be active at a time.
  • Construction of all three buildings will progress concurrently.
  • The compensation for your donation is a Legionfall Recompense, which has a chance to contain gold and items unique to the Broken Shore.
  • Once rebuilt, a building will be active for three days before being attacked and destroyed. After one day, players will be able to contribute that building again.
  • Each building offers a zone-wide buff and an additional buff that can be granted by speaking with Commander Chambers

Buildings and Buffs

World Quests and Legion Assaults
  • The Broken Shore features new World Quests that can be completed to earn Legionfall War Supplies and reputation with the Armies of Legionfall.
  • Broken Shore World Quests feature rewards from the regular assortment of World Quest rewards (Artifact Power, Blood of Sargeras, etc.).
  • New Legion Assault World Quests are available in Azsuna, Highmountain, Stormheim and Val’sharah.
    • Assaults on a specific zone will feature multiple World Quests (which will count towards that zone’s Emissary quest, if active).
    • Once 4 of these Assault World Quests have been completed, a short questline will lead you to queue for a 3-player scenario.
    • Complete the scenario in each zone to earn Defender of the Broken Isles.

The Sentinax

New Crafted Legendaries
  • Four new crafted Legendary items have been added to the game. These items are Bind when Equipped.
  • Armor crafters (tailors, leatherworkers and blacksmiths) can speak with Eliezer Hammerbeard on the Broken Shore to start the questline.
  • Leatherworkers have two questlines.
  • The questlines require players to:
    • Farm 100 “Ancient“ quest items from creatures in the Broken Isles.
    • Kill bosses and loot quest items from normal Mythic dungeons.
    • Kill the quest-assigned raid boss on any difficulty.
  • Each crafted Legendary also requires a Nethershard Essence, which must be purchased from Warmage Kath’leen for 8,000 x Nethershards.
  • Legendary item questlines will also require Armorcrafter’s Commendations, which can only be earned when the Nether Disruptor is active.

Artifact Appearance
  • A new Artifact challenge appearance has been added. You must be level 110, purchase all 35 traits for your weapon, and complete the quest to unlock the four new traits.
  • To unlock the challenge appearance, the Mage Tower must be active on the Broken Shore. A special quest will become available that offers a class-specific solo scenario.
  • You will get one free attempt at the scenario; additional attempts will cost Nethershards.
  • Additional challenge appearance tints can be unlocked by wearing the appearance and defeating Heroic Kil’jaeden, winning 10 rated battlegrounds, and defeating all Legion dungeon bosses.

Completing Broken Isles Pathfinder
In 7.2, you’re finally able to complete Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two and unlock flying in Legion. To complete this achievement, you'll need to do the following:

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