Twilight and Luminous Starseeker Giveaway - Round 2
Didn't win a mount and pet bundle in our previous giveaway? Blizzard has your back! They've given us another 8 mount and pet bundles to give away!

The Twilight pet and Luminous Starseeker flying mount are now on the Battle.Net Store for 30 USD / 30 EUR. You can get the mount and pet separately as well.

  • The giveaway is for 8 x Luminous Starseeker mounts and Twilight pets.
  • Four US and Four EU winners will be selected
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post with your favorite thing coming in Patch 7.3!
  • The giveaway will be closed on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST and winners will be chosen randomly.
  • A note will be added to the top of the latest news post when winners have been PMed.

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  1. Timreh's Avatar
    New WQs
    EU Server
  1. Kyux's Avatar
    All the new Titan lore and being able to finally see them!

    US Server
  1. Katchii's Avatar
    New story, being able to see Argus and the (supposed) conclusion of the Burning Legion Story line.

    US Servers
  1. Syio's Avatar
    Honestly? Lore. I devour lore with more relish than anything else in the game! (US server)
  1. Lesali's Avatar
    I'm pretty hype for alien cats

    US server
  1. Loooolz.looolz's Avatar
    us realms.

    lemme get that beauty
  1. IAMANIKOLAS's Avatar
    Really looking forward the crucible! It looks like an interesting addition to the artifacts
  1. marko1997's Avatar
    Lightforged golem in 7.3 <3
    EU ^^
  1. Fummockelchen's Avatar
    The new Mounts. EU
  1. Tinwetar's Avatar
    My favourite thing coming in 7.3 is the updated animations for Priest (and casters in general). They look absolutely fantastic, and finally I will get my battle stance back! Hooray!

    EU, Argent Dawn
  1. Kerus's Avatar
    Eu I am looking forward for some awesome mounts
  1. cafecito820's Avatar
    Assassination buffs! US*
  1. Sennajizus's Avatar
    Feral changes!
    ( eu server ).
  1. babalou1's Avatar
    I cannot wait to get to Argus. Played the zone on the PTR for a little bit, was lots of fun.

    US servers
  1. BigAinCA's Avatar
    Exploring Argus!

    US Server
  1. Dug's Avatar
    Getting to play on Argus and LORE

    US server
  1. kaid's Avatar
    ability to buy specific relic types for off spec artifacts and alts.
  1. Ainyan's Avatar
    New content.

    US Server.
  1. Thrallinor's Avatar
    And I'm EU!
  1. Stoneheart98's Avatar
    I've waited so many years to see Alleria and we're finally getting to see her in 7.3!!!! I'm super hyped for that and I heard that there will be sisters reunion which I'm also looking forward to! The mount is just awesome. Good luck everyone!


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