Developer Update - Upcoming Social Features
Endorsements and Looking for Group are coming to Overwatch!

  • After a match ends, you can recognize players on either team for certain gameplay behaviors that they did well.
  • The three endorsement areas are: Sportsmanship, Good Teammate (your team only), and Shot Caller (your team only)
  • If your team could really use a Mei instead of Hanzo and someone switches, that might be a time you recognize them for being a good teammate.
  • Players on your team that call plays in a positive, effective, and respectful way are Shot Callers.
  • You will see other players and how they have been endorsed.
  • The system has built in decay, so you won't be able to be earn a lot of endorsements and then stay at that level forever.
  • If you are silenced or suspended, you lose all endorsements.
  • You get a minor reward for endorsing other people and you can only endorse a limited number of people per match.
  • People who hit high endorsement levels frequently will get rewarded as well.

Looking for Group
  • You can create a group to your exact specifications. If you want 2 Tanks, 2 Damage, and 2 Healers, you can restrict your group to those roles, as well as restrict people with those roles to only play those roles.
  • You can name your group, so require voice chat or trying to reach Diamond can be in the group name.
  • You'll have a better experience if you have some say in what the other people on your team are doing.
  • It isn't a matchmaking system. You are either making a group or joining a group manually, there is no automatic grouping.

  • The Offense and Defense roles have been collapsed into Damage. The game will only have 3 roles now.
  • Player profiles can be set to private, friends only, or public. Your profile will be set to private by default.
  • The Symmetra re-work (moving to Damage) is coming in the patch.
  • The Horizon Lunar Colony map will also receive significant changes. On Point B, you can no longer attack from the defender's spawn room from the safety of the healing zone. There is some new art and lore in the map as well.
  • More social systems are on the way. More in the late summer or early fall!
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  1. Val the Moofia Boss's Avatar
    No guilds/clans yet, eh?

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