Complexity Limit Claims World First Ny'alotha!
Ny'alotha the Waking City has been cleared on Mythic difficulty by Complexity Limit! Congratulations to them!

The official Mythic Raid Leaderboard now has its first entry for this tier.

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  1. Ealyssa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GenericDifference View Post
    Congrats to Limit.
    Part of me hopes Method kill him within the next half day so we can have the First vs Fastest debate and hopefully get Blizz to consider simultaneous launches.
    Blizzard don't even has to do that. They just should do an official kill timer when raid is opened starting at each region release. And the trully fastest guild get official WF recognition from Blizzard on twitter.

    Boom, "problem" fixed with no game change at all.

    A race with a ~15hours ? (Accounting for time zones ?) headstart without anyone acknowledging it is stupid, no matter how you watch it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IIamaKing View Post
    Nope, not annoyed, Do yourself a favor, don't conflate one posters attitude with anothers. I dont really care what people discuss, but IMO a guild clearing the new raid isnt news. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    The world first race is easily the most followed event and most important news on this page except for news regarding major patches and expansions.

    You are ofc entitled to your opinion, even if that opinion is wrong by definition.

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