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I'm a long-time 'casual' (yet play a good 18 hours a week at least, since Cata).

I'm also a PhD Candidate in Political Science - hoping to be entitled to refer to myself as Dr. by this time next year. I focus on international politics, with a strong focus on the developing world - and a specialization in Southeast Asian politics; political, social and economic development; politics of identity; theories of the state; globalization.

I also have a Master's Degree in International Development and a BA in both Philosophy and Political Science.

Oh, I'm 30 as well...

And... high... (when your job is to sit at home and write a dissertation, pot happens...)
Politics in any form, music, travel, better living through chemistry, stuff...
PhD Candidate in the middle of writing his dissertation


"The nomad's life enthralls me. Its restlessness pursues me: it is as much a part of me as of the sailor. All ports and none are home to him, and all arrivings only a new setting forth" ~ Ella Maillart


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