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    Ancestral swiftness+Minor run speed Meta, does it stack?


    I've saw some chaman with ancestral swiftness talent 2/2 and also a Meta gem + minor run speed meta, I've allways thought it didn't stack ... does it?
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    I highly doubt it as the AS tooltip explicitly says it doesn't stack.
    Haven't tested it though.

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    No. If you talent AS, nothing else can increase your base movement speed via gems/enchants.

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    note that temporary movement speed buffs still stack with AS however. For instance, the drums of speed leatherworking pattern, or the tricky treats.

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    More than likely the minor run speed meta was cheap and he went for it. It does not stack, same for 35 mastery + speed on boots (Lavawalker I want to say) It does not stack with talent.

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    Nope, doesn't stack.
    Grab the talent and some normal meta.

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    None of the 8% or 15% movement speed bonuses stack with any other such bonuses. Run speed metas were always for silly people anyway; get a boot enchant if you don't have Ancestral Swiftness.
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