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    Oh well, was my last chance today to get this mount and once again another year passes with only bags full of masks, brooms, pets and treats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tambo View Post
    Oh well, was my last chance today to get this mount and once again another year passes with only bags full of masks, brooms, pets and treats
    The pet is making me sick atm. I've seen about 18 of them. (including all the loot bags from the pumpkins all over the world).

    I'd gladly hand in 17 hatchlings for that mount.. still don't have it.. Hard to collect items if they just refuse to drop. Not just hard but plain annoying and irritating also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NouyDouy View Post
    2 years of brewfest and hallows end, no sight of either mount, I feel your pain
    QFT me too :/

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    Got it on my Druid last year. So just waiting for accountwide mounts.

    Didnt see the shadow of it this year, even did HH almost every day on all my 10 level 85 chars.

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    Been several years for me too. My RL friend got it a couple days ago and I was happy for him (ijelly). Then, for sh*ts, got on my warrior alt (that I can't stand playing) and, sure enough, there it was. My Shaman is cursed. D:

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    I don't get it... how come the brewfest mount felt like they were hanging on trees. Seriously I got like 3 Kodo Mount on ONE CHAR this year and 2 RAMs but Headless Horseman mount? - Never even seen it drop and done it more than 200 times this year due to wanted to get the right ringes for my chars. 8 chars = ALOT of HH ;-/

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    4 years, 5 chars, never got it <333 gotta love some random noob with it, i have seen it drop tho

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    I got my Brewfest Kodo, but my gosh did I want that steed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    Got it on my Druid last year. So just waiting for accountwide mounts.
    Same, let's hope they're gonna make mounts account sharable

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    So, last day's over and still another year of waiting for my main character. :/

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    I FINALLY got it this morning on my main after doing it every single day it was available for 4 years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartAXE View Post
    i just got the helm....on my hunter, but when i jump on my warr all i get is a 4th squashling
    I have them helm on all my alts, and my main is the only one I want it on.

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    I got the mount on my main which got the mount the first year it was released. Not on my other two alts, though =/

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    I liked the old system better where you could kill him multiple times a day with friends and guildies and then had to roll off against each other. Sure it sucked to lose the roll but at least you had a higher chance to see it drop doing it 15 times if everyone had 3 alts each....I didn't even get the helm this year on my main which could use it..but got 2 on my rogue and 3 on my mage.....

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    I've done the Headless Horseman every year since he was introduced in 2007, some years on several chars.

    I've also done Brewfest every year since 2008, again some years on multiple chars.

    I've yet to see any mount drop.

    Beat that..... >_<

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    I have only one lv 85 character, a warlock. I got the helm for him. And the sword TWICE. I also got both Brewfest mount this year, but I don't use them. The only mount in the entire game that I REALLY want is that fucking flying horse. I'm trying to get it since 2009, and nothing.
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    Nobody deserves a rare mount more than the next player. That's just odd thinking really.

    And I wouldn't be too upset really, the mount is bugged (the crooked leg syndrome) in so many ways. Camera angle gets wonky when riding it in air, its legs move like drumwirls on the ground and it STILL wobble back and forth when running on ground level, like the Celestial Steed did at the beginning.

    I've gotten it for my main, but not for the toon I really wanted it Paladin that I can "roleplay" the Headless Horseman with since he's got the helmet and a somewhat matching set. 2 years now.
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    I have the worst mount luck ever. I've run it everyday with 10 85s and didn't get it. Was the same way with brewfest. On another note, I tried for so long on my main for the Ashes only to get it on an alt.

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    4 characters running it every day since the first day this year. No sight of it, got the sword on my lock and mage though. Also got the helm on my mage and shaman. And about 12 magic broom and 30+ companions. But not a single time the mount or the helm for my warr, annoying -,-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laina View Post
    Definitely seems that way. I remember it dropping left and right last year, but this year I have yet to see someone get it.
    Yeah, I got it last year when the drop rate was raised through the roof. Everyone got one last year, pretty much. If you didn't get one last year, your luck sucks.

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