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    What to spend Honor on?

    Hi, I've searched and all that pops up is threads where mop was about to hit.

    I'm fully pvp/pve geared besides some conquest bits. I already have 1 of every heirloom. I have all my gear upgraded.

    What can I spend my honor cap on? Cata mats are just hassle because no one seems to buy them on my dead server and I find myself constantly relisting them. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is that toon an enchanter? If it is, you can buy the items and DE them. It's the only thing i can think of.

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    Motes of Harmony to build Spirit of Harmonys. Only worth it though if you have any crafting profession.

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    1 spirit of harmony per 4k honor
    3.2 Ethereal Shards per 4k honor

    If: most expensive mats from spirits>Shards => go with motes
    If: most expensive mats from spirits<Shards => go with d/e

    And if you're not an enchanter, go with motes.

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    I buy Brutal Gladiator daggers/shivs offhands for 105 honor. They sell for a decent amount... 10-15g ( can't remember exactly ).

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    i'm buying motes.

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