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    Playing same type of class or branching out?

    Hey guys, long time forum visitor here, just starting to make some posts recently.

    I'm curious to see if you guys are sticking to your usual type of class or branching out and trying something different?

    I played a Hunter for 5 years in WoW, with a resto Druid and Prot Warrior as alts that I played extensively. I played an Engineer in Warhammer as well.

    I think I'll be sticking to my usual class type and I'll roll a Norn Ranger with an Elementalist or Thief alt.

    What about you guys?

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    I'm going either Norn or Human Warrior, i play Warrior types in pretty much every game i play.

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    I usually play the warrior arch type.

    In WoW, I played a warrior for 6 years, and a DK as an alt.
    In Rift, a Warrior again.

    In GW2, I'm actually stuck to what to play, all the classes won't be like anything we've played before. I played a Thief at Eurogamer, and loved it, but I'm not normally one for that type of class. I'm currently stuck between Warrior, Ranger and Thief to play as a main.

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    I played as a Hunter and Druid for 4-5 years, then I made a Warrior and DK during Wrath. Deleted the DK, leveled my Shaman, then a Mage and so on in WoW. I maxed out a Black Orc in Warhammer, which was exciting and very fun (walking trashcan ftw). I've done a lot, but I'm looking forward to the game in general!

    If I had to pick a class, I'd say Charr Engineer, with all their gadgets and assploding. After that I'll probably play everything as alts. Looking to make a guild with the hubby and RP with my characters as I go. But who knows, things may change!
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    I've had a prot paladin as main for like 2 years now and I'm going Elementalist as main and Guardian as alt.

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    I'm going to play a Ranger. Hunter has been my main for WoW, so I'm sticking to my guns. However, being the altoholic that I am I will more than likely play all classes, except Guardian. It simply doesn't appeal to me at all.

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    I love melee. So I'll be playing a guardian.

    The only caster I've loved was wotlk destruction warlocks.

    I'm hoping the last class is mesmer. After reading up on each class again I've changed my mind about necromancers. So now I need a new caster class.

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    I usually play melee characters, started MMOs with general Warrior types, then moved onto melee with some spell casting ability like Death Kinight and Chanter, but my main will be an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 as it is so versatile, mobile and fun to play and it's a nice departure from what I'm used to.

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    I like plate, always have. GW1: Warrior; WoW: Mained a Paladin since '07, with DK and Warrior as my only high-level alts; Elder Scrolls: something melee, with plate, and a select, but strong, repetoire of spells focused on enhancing my ability to survive and deal damage; DnD: Paladin is my class of choice. I've never liked primary casters as they're just too squishy for my tastes. Magic is all well and good and has its useful place, but nothing has more allure to me and my warrior's sensibilities than a heavy suit of mail and a shield.

    That said, GW2, looking to main a Guardian (mace/shield, greatsword) and alt a Warrior (dual-axe, rifle). With that, shall I be content.
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    Looks like almost everyone is the same as me! Sticking to their guns I guess. Props to Moth for branching out haha...I'll definitely have an Elementalist as an alt, they just look like so much fun.

    Wonder what it is about that first character and play style that sticks with us.

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    In WoW I was almost exclusively a spellcaster. However, before I moved to WoW, I played GW2 and I was diverse in my profession choices. I just didn't enjoy physical classes in Warcraft. Though, currently, a thief stands to be my secondary alt for GW2.

    I'm pretty sure that I won't be trying out a Warrior. I never enjoyed heavy armor classes with no magic capabilities; if I'm going to play a true physical attacker, they need to be agile (thief, ranger). My profession preferences are generally spellcasters - Mesmer stands to be my main profession if it is revealed to be the eighth.

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    Played mostly druid in WoW, tank and healer.

    I am planning on rolling a thief in GW2, so no, I'm making a change

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    Normally I go with a ranged physical or caster type class. But.. I think I want to play melee primarily this time.

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    Normally I go for caster glass cannon or a assassin kind of class.
    Started WoW as a Rogue and I am going to start GW2 as a thief. :3

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    I'm branching out a little. My preferences have changed over time, but I've always been very committed to whatever class I prefer.

    Currently I'm looking at playing an Asura - Thief.

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    I've been a priest in WoW ever since late TBC. Before that I played both a warrior and a druid.
    Obviously there wont be a class a lot like a priest in GW2. the closest thing would be a Guardian.
    But I'm not yet sure what I'm going to roll as a main in GW2. Im still considering a lot of classes except of Warrior and Ranger.
    But I can say that I'm not looking for the same class. I'll just go with the play style I like most at the end.

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    I have a War as my main in GW1 at the moment, but that may be changing. As of right now i plan on maining a thief, and unless i really hate their mechanics that will probably not change. Deffinitely will be rolling a war alt though as their mechanics look good too. Also looking into making an ele and ranger, and still waiting on the last class to be revealed.

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    I'm not sure what i'll be yet. I'm pretty set on Ranger as my main, and having either a warrior, guardian or thief as an alt. But i'd have to see what this eighth profession is before I make up my mind.

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    Warrior sylvari like always.

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    Played a Shaman in WoW, and unless the 8th class is Shaman-esque (I realize that is not likely) I will probably end up playing an Ele first. However I do plan on playing every class eventually. Played a hunter in WoW as my alt, so I might make a Ranger 2nd.

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