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    Convince me to roll a priest healer!

    Ok guys, here's my challenge for you priests out there!

    I've been considering rerolling from my Warlock to priest for our 25man HC team. Lately we've been lacking healers and some of our top DPS have had to run with their offspec more often than we'd like.

    So! I now challenge you guys to convince me into rolling a priest healer, Disc or Holy. Tell me WHY exactly YOU love priest healing so much. What do you enjoy most about it? What makes you feel awesome while healing as a priest and perhaps share some nifty little tricks you use for maximum performance. Make me turn to the light side! And GO!
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    Mages are balanced. It's just that they aren't balanced for Azeroth.

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    If you have to be convinced to play a certain class, it's probably not for you. My reason for healing won't be the same as yours, you may not enjoy it as much. If you want to roll a priest healer for your raidteam by all means do so, but you'll have to want to genuinely do it.
    As for disc or holy should you do it, there's no set answer. It purely depends on what other healers you raid usually has and what kind of healing it needs. Other then that you should always be able to play both anyways as some fights favor one over the other.

    Point of my post, it's up to you to decide if you want to, not anyone else, they won't be the ones playing that character.

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    Not to bitch at the op but i do hate what character should i roll next threads your one thats paid for the account, opinions are cool and stuff but really u need to play something u think u will see through too the end.
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    Oh I think you mistunderstood the point of the post. I'm not looking for people to tell me wether I should reroll or not, I'm just trying to find out what you guys like about priesthealing. Perhaps bad wording, dunno. This is not one of those "should I play priest hurp-derp?".
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    Mages are balanced. It's just that they aren't balanced for Azeroth.

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    Two healing specs. Hard to get burned out with healing that way.

    Iconic class. Priests have always been a viable healer, thanks to having two specs.

    We get a lot of posts on this forum from people who have put off making Priests and have found it their true calling or at least very fun.

    For me, I have been a healing Priest since mid-TBC. I have carried the same Priest through every tier, every expansion since. I plan to bring my Priest and a Monk into the next one.
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    ^ This. I've been considering rolling a 2nd priest because my level 80 warlock doesn't do it for me. But really, if you need convincing to play it then don't bother. Try it out and form your own opinion.

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    I agree on Leap of faith beeing awesome.
    I had never played a healer before I decided to make a priest, mostly cause my friend at the time had a holy priest and competetive as I am I had to prove that even a tankingsoul like me could heal, So I created my mainalt, my discpriest. Sure I freak out 100% more when Im healing then when im tanking, but its quite funny freakouts and I really enjoy priesthealing compared to Druidhealing which is more "wait arooound for lifeblooom to tick"

    And to have 2 viable but still compleate diffrent healingspeccs is just extra gravy!

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    I have played my priest since the start of Wrath, and out of all my healers (all four of them!) i enjoy my priest the most. The reason being, is that it is the only class that can mitagate a great deal of dmg, and is in my eyes one of the most benefitial healers. Sure a heal will probobly save someone from dying, but when you have a 2.2 second cast time, it gets more tricky. A power word shield on the other hand is instant, wich allows a brief timelaps between the incomming dmg and healing from you and other healers. Wich i think is great.

    And of course you do have two healing specs and all that

    Also! We do not require as much spirit as other classes, as we get most of our mana regen (as disc) through our talents, wich gives us more versality in gear chosing.

    And with the upcomming changes for disc, they are making atonoment (smite healing) have a range of 40 yards if im not mistaken, it now have 6 yards ( i think). Wich is fantastic

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    Just the best class with sweetest perks.

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    Disc priest says "mana? what is that?".

    'nuff said. Plus yeah, with two healing specs, you don't have to worry if one of them gets nerfed :P
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    im actually going to say you gotta stick with your lock dude. think about it! you get new awesome pets in MoP you have cool new recourse mechanic for demo/destro. 4.3 makes destro viable again (with haste/crit) i see no reason for you to drop a lock for a priest of all things

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    You can play however you like as a priest. Personally I like to smite things as disc and heal people for twice as hard as I smite for, which is around 14k usually, so 30k crit bomb heals. booya. Gives me a reason to snub people and use my own PI.
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    I have played a priest since classic as holy and i just really enjoy healing, i play both disc and holy they both are useful in different ways, I've played other healers too a holy paladin in TBC but went back to priest after a year, i loved it in classic and i still do

    The specc you choose is upto you but you could take both and try them out and see which one you enjoy the most for me i enjoy holy mostly, but i also enjoy disc, so for aoe fights i play holy and disc on other fights

    Because of all our healing spells priest healing never gets boring

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    If you have to be convinced to play a certain class, it's probably not for you.
    There you go. Don't roll a priest.

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    Go disc. tried it out on the PTR and started to like it very much, planning on rolling a 2nd priest lol :c

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    I honestly prefer paladin to be honest, having played both classes extensively. Disc priests might think they have no mana issues, but when you compare them to Holy paladins you quickly find they always come out on top. If you like more straightforward healers, then you might like priests, but if you like healing that sort of keeps you on the edge, and has lots of cool procs for you to watch for and act on, then I would suggest a Pala.
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    Try it out, see if you like it. Holy has a serious amount of big numbers, if you like that sort.
    Priests have cool spells in my opinion. Levitate - Leap of Faith(Which your guildies WILL find annoying ) And Divine Hymn will get a lovely buff in 4.3<3
    I love the holy spec tbh.
    Try it

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    Like yourself I have five 85's (atleast, I'm assuming you have 5 according to your signature :P) - my Disc Priest was the most fun to level (the others being Paladin, Druid, Shaman, Rogue). I didn't switch to Shadow once during my whole levelling time - there was just no need. Naturally dungeons popped up quick when queuing as a healer but questing was also entirely viable (yes, ok it was slightly slower than that of a Shadow).
    In terms of healing - I've always been a healer, I healed through BC & Wrath on my Paladin, my Shammy is Resto - perhaps its just my personal preference but Disc is just more fun. I like the idea of displacing damage, short efficient casts and throwing in a few Smites here and there - the variety of spells doesn't allow room for boredom and mana is never an issue .
    It's just genuinely a fun iconic class and roll to play.
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    as far as healers go i think priest is the most "classic" healer playstyle when compared to other games. i'm holy and disc as i would never even get to go shadow if i wanted. holy is my favorite spec atm, disc is growing on me but even when tank healing i kinda prefer to go holy with the single target chakra.

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