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    Agreed. It just makes you look like a creepy pedofile.
    So, because watch MLP it looks like you molest kids? Righto.

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    I must admit that is pretty awesome.
    She also talks dirty to Jake in Korean. Shes awesome.

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    right here
    someone mentioned time zones, and it got me thinking, and since the time switch is coming up this weekend (the good one this time, extra hour of sleep ftw)...

    I'd do away with Daylight "Saving" Time. you're not saving anything, so it's got a totally wrong name, for one. two, twice a year you throw my sleep cycle a ridiculous curveball (6 is now 7, so I wake up at... 45:92?) and three, I can't believe the crap they teach us in school about its origin! they SAY it was originally designed to give farmers extra time during the day to plant/harvest/whatever, but what farmer have you ever heard of that goes by the clock? farmers work from when the rooster crows to when the sun goes down, not by our Big-City "clock" nonsense! get rid of it, government! do something right for a change!
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    So. Closing this. This thread was pretty negative and terrible to begin with (we don't really need threads where you just list stuff you hate), but ignoring repeated moderator warnings is never a good idea.

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