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    Should I switch to Survival

    My guild's DK recently quit, and as such we lost our Melee/Ranged Haste buff. We do not have a Shaman either and I am the only hunter since we only do 10 man raids. Should I switch to Survival to give the raid this buff?

    I feel like MM is akward now without that buff as I am so used to having it.

    All feedback is appreciated.

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    Yes. The general rule for 10s is if you have at least 2 melee and no Haste effect, then you play Survival for greater raid contribution. In 10s, MM without the 10% Haste is roughly equal to Surv anyways.

    Note, still going to want to keep an MM spec handy for Beth'tilac heroic unless you have an awesome Moonkin.

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    With no 10% haste go surv yes ; >

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    Surv is 450dps better then MM without the haste buff so yeah hands down go surv. I had to do the same thing

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    Such is the life of 10 man raiding. Though, playing something other than Marksmanship all the time is quite refreshing. Also knowing that you're helping your raid is pretty rewarding.

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