Thread: Transmog gear.

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    Transmog gear.

    Did look for a transmog megathread but couldn't find it so please move this if it's in the wrong place.
    I'm planning on having 3 hunter set's.
    My first is full T4, the gun from wolf boss in karazan and black ice,off piece boots, am still looking for a belt to match the set any tip's appreciated.
    Second is a Golden sort of set using the Bow from Sunwell the golden one, the rest of the set is to be decided but i'm looking for a golden looking set any help?
    My third set is going to be a frost themed set, with the Cbow from the Pit of saron hc 2nd boss or from the last boss in halls of relection on normal, the rest of the set will have a frost look, looking for a full set.

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