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    Noticed same thing on PTR when I did a few fossil digs for the Darkmoon Faire, I got a few of 9 and a 7 too

    Good thing cause with Mists and the pet battle system there are a few pets from Arch I don't have yet and want. And who knows I might get lucky and get the bug mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dworfie View Post
    If this is true, how many artifacts would the dwarf than get o.o
    A dwarf can test this out? That would be really cool to know!
    From the number going out, looks like they bumped it up 2. So non dwarfs would get 9,7, or 5 and dwarfs would get 11,9,7.

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    For an already boring profession, it would be nice to have a little speed boost with it.

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    Has anyone seen any official word yet as to if this increase is staying?

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    This change might get me to go back and finish my last two rare solves for my title. I really just burnt myself out on it doing it for like a week straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgr2021 View Post
    Has anyone seen any official word yet as to if this increase is staying?
    Sure hope it's staying.

    Now if they can just do something about the beyond retarded drop rate of the 359 epics it would be great.

    With 378 items in 5 mans, the Tolvir sword (str DPS/tanking), Tolvir Staff (healing), Tolvir ring (healer/caster DPS), Dwarf staff (caster DPS) and troll Sword (melee DPS) are now well and truly out geared.

    Zinrokh has to be one of the best looking sword models, or even weapon model in the game. But at it's current Proc rate, most people will not get it well into MOP, if at all.

    450 Troll Artifacts solved has taken me almost a year to do (with breaks for alts, and IRL stuff), and I still do have it. Wanna transmog me some twohanded swords into Zinrokh.
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    For reference, the buff went live with 4.3. Getting 5-9 fragments per dig. Can get every number in that range now as well: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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    Im also noticing a buff in tol'vir spots, I was doing my normal archeology run, I had 2 spots in uldum. So I dug them up and solved one. After that the sword, scimitar what ever rare pops out, I start solving it and go to the second spot in uldum. After I have dug that place up, next spot pops in uldum, after that next etc etc... I didint ever leave Uldum and got my 150 fragments in like 15-20mins lol

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    Yup, buff is live and its very nice indeed. Now back to my mount farming.

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    Trying to get the dwarf & tol'vir pets got really boring & annoying. This would start me up again.

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    Sounds like I need to try for the Tol'vir mount again.
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