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    If you care about racials I'd pick human for the spirit and Every Man For Himself (and the increased reputation gains are quite useful when there's new content as well). If you care more about looks and animations I'd pick dreanei female (That's mainly the reason I'm playing one).

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Worgens are awesome until they start casting it's not pretty
    Pretty much it. Casting looks ridicilous. I had one, changed it to Human instead. (Also, didn't like the sniffing sound).

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Worgens are awesome until they start casting it's not pretty
    I like the casting from worgen tbh ;> , but they are better with melee

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    Human female fits the best in all the gear. I actually think blizz start off designing a set around humans, always fits so good. Not to bad casting animations either!
    + they get some hit!

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    Helms look bad, casting animation is alright. I very recently changed my worgen to draenei and tbh it does look better.

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    After staring at a draenei ass for 2 years, I changed my priest to worgen. I got used to it very fast and I like it.


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    As some others have said most gear looks OK besides head pieces, and the casting animation for them is probably the worst in the game.
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    Gnome, go gnome cuz its more Hard Mode as a stairway can get in the way of u and ur healing target. (LoS)

    I was Draenei cuz gnomes couldnt be a priest, changed asap to gnome when cata went live.
    Draenei (female) and gnomes (male and female) are my favorite races, i do miss my draenei looks sometimes as they have better casting animations. But gnome females are just a tad better in everything i mean the /cower (best on the male gnomes) /giggle /roar its all so epic.

    Male gnomes are just little powerhouses.

    Also gnomes has bigger mounts, yea size does matter

    But if u want to show headpiece and care alot more for casting animations -> Draenei (female) -> Nelf (female)

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    Personally, I really dislike how Worgen look in robes, how they cast, and the fact that they launch, let's say shadowbolts, from their right hand. Also, Worgen are basically werewolves, bloodthirsty yet not insane characters, don't really know how they could fit as priests in this context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidders View Post
    Don't do it, I made that mistake LONG ago... thankfully they reversed it and I got to change my race again :P

    IMO: Human female.
    this, spirit bonus ftw. good for pve and pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maledictum View Post
    After staring at a draenei ass for 2 years, I changed my priest to worgen. I got used to it very fast and I like it.


    I don't see how that is suposed to be better than human female >.<
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    My priest is a female worgen, and I actually like their casting animations. You can click the picture of her head in my signature to see what she looks like.

    I agree with a lot of those who already posted. The helms look rather stupid on a worgen, except for a very select few.

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    Worgen casting is one of the few casting animations I like. I love the flailing of the arms looks awesome. But I play horde mostly and my worgen is a dk lol.

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    The worgen are the coolest and best looking race in the game. Just make sure you hide the helmet.

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    I really don't see why there's so much worgen hate. To be honest, I think they're the best race in the game for like... everything. Hence why all of my toons are worgen that can be. I love their casting, their running, everything (though I do miss the alpha models dearly). Helms tend to look worse on males depending on what it is, but I usually play a female. My priest is a worgen, and all of the sets look great on her (though I haven't looked at t12 or t13 yet... that might not). Just can't wait till I get my glyph of shadow form to remove that horrible transparency, then I may actually play my priest. I don't mind the mane clipping really so I tend to show helms... as long as they're not like, the old rogue tier helms that sort of come up from the neck. Those get stretched out horribly on males and females :/

    Okay, I just looked, and t11 and t12 look pretty terrible on female worgen. I'm scared to know what it looks like on males. Then again, those sets are pretty terrible in general. T10 looks a little awkward on a female but nothing you can't overlook, and the rest of the old tiers look good. I'll have to check what t13 looks like.
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    Run buff is nice when trying to catch up to a sucidal tank, and when you're leveling with lfd you find a ton of them. Not pretty to look at, unless you change shape, which reverts all the time (not liking that). I'm hate the sniffing sound they make.

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    Worgen females have the derpsnarl and both the male and female casting animations are terrible.

    Of course this is all subjective, but worgen females always look like they just smelled something terrible.

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    Just think what a tauren would look like in it but add teeth

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    With trasmog, You will be able to wear non robes and go running on all 4.

    Shadow wolf looks soooo badass.

    If you are shadow, go worgen.

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    Worgen look silly in cloth unless female.

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