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    It will support the 1600?

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    Yes I don't see why it wouldn't.

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    The Best Buy one just went on sale for $55, that's insane...

    Anyways, thanks for the help -- most of the parts seem definitive now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notarget View Post
    The point of getting 2500k is to OC (or at least some time in the future) otherwise you might as well buy a non "k" version.
    True story. Seems that I somehow missed that "K". Sorry for that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zurtle View Post
    Where? I don't believe that until I see it. Please link so I can purchase.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adsertif View Post
    The Best Buy one just went on sale for $55, that's insane...
    well, I was just about to link that one. it was the same one that I said was $70. but I guess best buy lowered it some more.

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    Yeah I ran to the store immediately when I saw that sale, can't ship it for some dumb reason, but I have one in my room right now. ^^

    I can pay the extra $5 to get the 2500k, I'd only really clock it to it's Turbo Boost which is 3.7Ghz, and even then the stock cooler can handle that -- it's not absolute junk, it just can't handle 4.0Ghz + stably.

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