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    ram upgrade help

    hi im looking to buy 12GB ram but im not sure if the one i found will fit/work in my MB
    my MB is a "asus p6t" got 6GB atm and uses it all when playing bf3 -_-.

    this is what i found so far http://www.cinemagic.dk/shop/mushkin...r3-61858p.html the webside is in danish but cant really find the same ram on any other webside so..

    dont know how good goolge is to translate but http://translate.google.dk/translate...p.html&act=url its a try =)

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    I don't know that Memory, but what I can tell you is that I recommend you getting anything you find in the list that is found on the site you posted (Memory/Device Support tab).
    I would also recommend you to not get more than 8GB RAM, since that is pretty much a waste, unless you also edit graphics.
    Even if you think that by getting more RAM, to be "high-end" in the future as well, the RAM u get today will still be outdated then (DDR4, 5, 6, etc.)

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    I find it hard to see how Battlefield 3 would use up 6GB worth of RAM (including Windows and whatnot). Are you sure the amount of RAM you have is the issue?

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    I went from 6gb to 8gb the day Skyrim came out and I see zero difference for BF3 going from 6 to 8gb. This is with a few programs going on iin the backround (windows media player, firefox etc).

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    BF3 should come no where close to 6GB. You're probably just seeing Window's cache filling it up, not the game.
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    my problem is that my computer eat up ram the longer its turned on so after like 4 hours it uses about 4-4.5GB ram where there is nothing i can close..
    sometimes when i play bf3 i see i have around 80MB ram left... sometimes even around 35mb.... so..

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    any1? =), dont want to waste money buying the wrong ram or something like that.. and also something i forgot to say is,
    that when im buying the 12GB there is a big chance i wont get 18GB ram but only 12GB as my CPU cooler block 3 ram slots so might only have room for 3 slots with is why i buy 12GB (3x4GB) and not just 6GB (3x2GB) =)

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