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    30 min queue is not that bad. I expect close to 1h or more. Adding more servers is a bad idea imo, unless they merge them after 2-3 weeks which can turn out to be bad marketing though.

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    Well during early access I don't think it will be too bad (10mins). I do however expect in the first week of the 20th to be as bad as 30-40mins.

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    Couple hours. I can't really imagine any more than that.
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    My guess is you'd be lucky to get a 30 minute queue...

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    they could open up some extra servers that are meant for new (for example lvl 15 or lower) characters. Once you hit 15 you choose your real server. No bad publicity for server merges, and lower queues
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    It really surprises me that some of you are expecting hour+ queues and it doesn't seem to bother you. It would bug the hell outta me. But then again, TOR will be the first MMO I play on release day(other then WoW expansions).

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    It'll be like my server when WOTLK was released. 10 hour queues. (No, i'm not joking.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killmaim Deathbringer View Post
    It'll be like my server when WOTLK was released. 10 hour queues. (No, i'm not joking.)
    That's just crazy.

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    I'm guessing it'll vary, offpeak around 20/30 mins, at peak times though... bring a book you'll be waiting a WHILE I suggest anything by George R R Martin

    I'm hoping though that after this weekends' MASS stress test they'll realise how bad it's going to be, and add a few more servers for Live
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    depends on how well prepared they are really

    something tells me they wont have enough servers to accommodate initially. but of course, they have locked out half the world, so that might alleviate it somewhat

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    Anyone remember the queue dance for World of Warcraft with No Doubt's "What you waiting for" playing on the background?

    Hopefully all the bored masses waiting to play SWTOR will come up with similar ideas.

    Edit: just remembered I've got the early access thingy myself. Don't know how many people have it, but that might split the initial stress a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaniinchen View Post
    Well during early access I don't think it will be too bad (10mins). I do however expect in the first week of the 20th to be as bad as 30-40mins.

    Well Rifts early access was a nightmare so we will see. At least BW has decided to not allow people to flood in like they did with Rift. Hell they were selling digital preorders and giving people early access all the way into early access so the flood never stopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazrark View Post
    Headstart of 5 days for me. Once I log in, I probably won't allow it to log me out. Avoiding queues and all.
    Assuming the servers will hold. New games tend to not be prepared...Blizz still has trouble handling it and they are the king of MMORPG atm.

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