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    Confirmed to begin testing =].

    Just got my confirmation. I get to start testing on Friday at 10 AM CST... so exciting.

    I am a little dumb though. I read somewheres that I only get 14 hours to test? Is this true and once my 14 hours are up is my testing done for good?
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    you likely got a weekend test pass

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    WooT just got the email:

    You’ll be able to begin testing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ very soon! Your test begins:

    Friday, Nov. 25 at 10:00AM CST


    Only thursday to go, and I'll be spending all of that at Japanese anyway ffrraakk yeah
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    yep got mine too bout 1hr ago

    confirmed to start Friday at 10:00 CST

    Trooper cannons here i come

    make sure your all patched up

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    Got mine aswell. Friday 10:00 AM . Yeaa!

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    I read something about 14 hours too, someone else said it was not true. No idea, official forums are crazy bugged at the moment.

    Just to be sure I already have 3 accounts lol

    Got the confirmation for Friday 10 AM for one...too bad it is CST, would have loved GMT instead to start playing in the morning :-)

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    14 hours would be starting at 10 AM Sunday. No one is starting at 10 AM Sunday any more.

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    *Cough Cough*

    I think I'm coming down with something. Probably won't make it into work on Friday.

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    I'm so glad there's two threads for this. I need to say it twice. FRIDAY 10 AM !!!!!
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    I'm having a hard time getting my head around the time zones.

    When exactly is 10AM CST in UTC/GMT+1?
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    I believe 10am is 5:00 pm at GMT+1.

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    +6 hours for gmt, if your +1 uh 7 hours? so 5pm for you?

    seems people that didn't accept the invite yet or late accepts get to start saturday

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    Everyone who opted got an invite.
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    I got mine. But i got Saturday 10 am cst not friday bummer!

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    got mine... im so freaking happy!! i hope my computer can run SWTOR or i ll kill myself hahaha

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