So I've been browsing my gear choices on the wowhead PTR and have come to some sort of decision on what I'll be trying to take next patch for my 5 main tier slot pieces. I play holy as my main spec, and while impressed with the buffs to holy word spells on the PTR I still doubt that I'll be taking the 4set T13 bonus. Since I'm a haste stacking holy priest I've decided on the following:

T12: Shoulders + Hands
T13: Head + Legs
Off piece: Robe of Glowing Stone (or the shadow priest T13 chest)

This way I get spirit and haste on every piece, while keeping 2 mana regen set bonuses. The heroic content next patch looks like it will require really high HPS so hopefully I'm heading in the right direction.

What I'd be interested to see is what you guys have decided on for your specs and any constructive criticism on my plans for next patch.

Go easy on me, its my first thread so apologies if this isn't thread material.