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    I love SWTOR but hate the idea of the WoW Community coming to it.

    So, I quit WoW a year ago. Why? Beyond the fact the game went stale for me, the Community was the main reason. Somewhere along the lines, they turned the game from what it is, which is a game meant to be played for fun, and turned it into a job that you had to put countless hours of your life into. It really just ruined anything enjoyable about the game for me, knowing I come home from work, to basically go back to work while throwing 15$'s a month at work.

    What are your thoughts on the WoW Community coming to SWTOR. Do you think they will lose the WoW Mindset once they join another MMO? Or do you think they will drag the WoW Mindset to this MMO and kick people out of party if they do not get 10,000 DPS+?
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    you aren't the only one.

    I cringed the first time I saw someone say "lol umadbro?". you can't even ask a question on WoW, you just get trolls and smartass answers.

    it hasn't been that bad so far, but I want nothing like the mess the WoW community has degraded into. NEED ACHIEVEMENT FOR WC. NEED 9 MILL GEARSCORE FOR whatever raid.

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    Closing this before the poop starts getting flung around.

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