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    It's the ^-key on German keyboards. One of my most important keys in every MMO, usually reserved for one of the important abilities of my classes (taunts for tanks for example, at least before WoW's threat upgrade). In SWTOR it showed the "create a new ticket" window and I couldn't unbind it, neither did I manage to bind a new function to it.

    Since everyone has different issues, I'll wave the "bug"-flag on this one

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    I bound it fine during the beta weekend on g15

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    It´s the key º on Spanish Keyboard (qwerty with key ñ), I couldn´t unbind it, just open tickets menu when use. Very important key to me, i hope they will fix at the release.

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    I had no problems binding it on any of my 4 chars.
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    I couldn't bind ` or \ on my keyboard; english keyboard. They're really useful to me and I wanted to bind them! D:
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    While not playing in the UK (Canadian), I've been using ` for my Vent PTT for like.... 4+ years, and I will say this, it doesn't open anything in SWTOR for us on this side of the pond...

    @hiko1989: Did you not see this is in the Star Wars: The Old Republic FORUM on here? You might wanna check your filters, cause there is alot of other MMOs on this site now. Not as in-depth of forums as WoW, but they do exist.

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    Had the same problem. Was the first bug/real problem I encountered in the game and it's so annoying. It's such a good key to bind. It's like not being able to bind your R, C or F key. Reported the problem of course, I REALLY hope this is fixed.

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    Couldn't bind it either. So annoyed I've been in the beta for months and haven't been able to bind it ever. So I'm not sure if everyone is even talking about the right key when they say they could bind it.

    Really annoying that you can't since it's in such a good place for a bind. Really wanted to bind cover to it, but couldn't. Meant wasting another good keybind on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteous View Post
    I had no problems binding it both weekends i got in .. but i was english / us keyboard. maybe change the layout in windows settings?
    That wouldn't be good, considering my keyboard is a UK Layout one. There are some minor differences in key placement, such as @ and a few others I think.

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