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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    Rofl...I'm sorry, but 20 FPS is by no means 'playable' to most people. I won't settle for anything that consistently dips into the 40s.
    Its a MMO, frame rates really don't matter for the majority of it. If I had to raid in that environment I would aim for 30+. I was showing that this game is in no shape or form all that graphically intensive. If I could maintain low 20s, and that is my LOWEST, at 2560x1440 with a 512mb card but one backed by a 2.66QC and 8g ram then the game is more CPU intensive than GPU. This game seems to be tracking way too many objects that will never be rendered based on the players viewport. I do have a friend with a 6970M backed by 3.1QC and 12g of ram who is doing 40+ with max settings. A 6970m is equivalent to a desktop 5850 I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    Anybody know how this card works out? Its the one I am looking to buy.

    HIS ATI Radeon HD 6770 IceQ X Turbo 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card
    What kind of processor are you using? That will bottleneck you as well.

    I used essentially this card for the first beta weekend I was in and was getting decent framerates. It wasn't IDEAL, but it was definitely playable. (We're talking ~40 fps here, keep in mind there was no AA.)

    Depending on your processor, this might suffice for acceptable performance, but you won't get the BEST performance.

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    I've got a GT 240 and I can still run on high.

    [Looking to upgrade though. Only problem is I have a 300 watt power supply.]

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    i dont know if my answer is the best possible,
    but i can tell you that with my 150€ ati-5770-1gb the games runs smoothly with everything on max.

    only exception is warzones (BGs) where for some weird reason,
    even people with much better cards than mine and everything on minimum have FPS issues
    (and server-lag issues)

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    Quote Originally Posted by clampy View Post
    Settings were not locked to medium. Its a myth. Just like the BF3 settings myth that went out "its only on medium" - the settings were exactly the same on launch, nothing changed.

    The settings on beta were set to High. Its not a very graphical game - mmo's in general are not.
    Again, even with it set to "High" there was no AA, and AA eat's your card up and gives the game a very clean and nice look. So try force AA to full via catalyst control panel for ATI users and Nvidia control panel for Nvidida users and you will see a huge difference.

    Or us that got into beta tonight we might actully be able to put on AA ingame since we for the first weekend are playing the latest build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    I run max settings on a Radeon 6850 with no FPs issues, cost around 120 bucks after rebates. Good time to buy.

    There's your best bet, most bang for the buck honestly, i went with a 6770 and i can run max settings with 90+ fps, and 40+ with my old 4850HD also...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqir View Post
    "It's not a graphical game" Why do I keep hearing this, try force AA or even Supersample, My Crossfire ATI HD 6970(2 cards) coulnd't even keep me on a stable 60 fps with that. so people sitting on low end cards that had settings locked to medium in beta and "maxed" out shadows etc on MEDIUM settings, please think again.
    Supersample is always a huge hog on memory/performance, but MSAA forced... it wasn't implemented yet and likely was a much larger hit than what you'd see at launch. I hope they implement FXAA as well though, give decent AA to the people w/o great GPU's and basically no performance hit in the first place.

    "A 6970m is equivalent to a desktop 5850 I believe."

    Doubt it, I was at 60-100 fps on a 5850, the 6970m is probably closer to a 5770.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyoan View Post
    What resolution do you run? And what is your processor?

    I am able to run with everything on high at 1400x900 with an i3 2120 and a ATI 6870HD.

    That card would run you around 150-170 before rebates.

    Its possible even a 6850 would work, but I'm not entirely sure on that. Not sure how TOR breaks up the workload between CPU and GPU.
    I have HD6850x2 and runs like a charm, even whit just one, cost me 120€ one and i got another in a promotion for 100€, i was going to upgrade to a better single one but after that promotion i dont need it at this point, you can check here what i can achieve, i was going to get a 6870 at the time btw, but 120€ was tempting :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteous View Post
    i played on my evga gtx 460 and i had no problems with settings jacked all the way up this weekend.
    I LOVE my 460...a great card 4 the money
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    I'm running an Acer aspire 5750 Running Windows 7 with an Intel I5-2410M 2.3GHz pro with a turbo boost? to 2.9 GHz an Intel HD graphics 3000, up to 1760MB dynamic video Memory 15.6" HD LEC LCD screen, 6GB DDR3 memory.

    Is that any good?

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    Brought this thread out from the crypts

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    This thread was from last December. Please do not necro threads that are clearly unused by anyone.

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