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    Iran takes down US drone

    Mod Warning: Remember guys, NO nation-bashing here!

    Seems quite bad tbh...

    From sky news:

    Iran's military has shot down an unmanned US aircraft over the east of the country, state TV has reported.

    "Iran's military has downed an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran," Iran's Arabic-language Al Alam state television network quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

    A report on English-language Press TV said the drone was "downed with minimum damage" and seized by Iranian officials close to the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    The RQ-170 Sentinel is an unmanned stealth aircraft used for reconnaissance. It is not designed to carry weapons.

    The semi-official Fars news agency, which is believed to be close to the Revolutionary Guard military force, said Iran would respond to the violation of its airspace with actions beyond its own borders.

    There was no immediate comment on the claims from the US military, which rarely officially confirms operations carried out using such aircraft.

    In July, US officials dismissed a report that a US drone had been downed over the city of Qom, home of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, close to the Fordu nuclear facility.

    The reports came amid worsening relations between the West and Iran over its nuclear programme after the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a report it said showed Iran had worked on designing an atomic bomb.

    Iran has insisted its nuclear ambitions are entirely peaceful, but prompted the US and European Union to agree tighter sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals.

    Earlier on Sunday, Iran's foreign ministry warned that any move to extend those sanctions to block oil exports would double the price of crude.

    "As soon as such an issue is raised seriously the oil price would soar to above $250 a barrel," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying.

    Britain has also downgraded its relations with Iran following the storming of the UK embassy in Tehran by students protesting over the sanctions on Iran's central bank.

    British diplomats in Tehran were evacuated following the incident and Iranian embassy staff in London were expelled.

    By the way, "OMFG 2012 DOOMSDAY world war 3?!?!?" can stay out, thanks
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    “The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.”
    ― Carl Sagan

    A little out of context but the point remains; no one's ever going to be stupid enough to fire a nuclear weapon in these modern times. I don't necessarily think a drone is a good reason for the World Police/the West to go in all guns blazing as they've been so fond of doing in the past, but time will tell.

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    Good for Iran, it shouldn't be there in the first place.

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    They have every right to shoot it down. Nothing to see here.

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    Self defense, I wonder to whom they will sell this nice piece of tech though.
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    Let me know when they shoot something down over our own soil.

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    They had every right. And now they will earn on selling this to someone.

    Not much to say, nothing to start any kind of war over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taen View Post
    Let me know when they shoot something down over our own soil.
    This is irrelevant seeing how the equivalent to what happened would be if they flew a drone over the US and the US shot it down.

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    My regrets to the drone family. I'll pray for you. Be strong.

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    A military plane in a foreign country without permission from the leaders of the country could be seen as a act of war.

    To the officer that authorised it my question would is really worth that small bit of info you got in exchange for a few dollars because those drones aren't really cheap.

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    It's okay. I heard we have a few more of those somewhere.

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    Can we bomb them now?!

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    I think it's more the fact that it can be sold to competitors not the cost that will worry the US army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paraclef View Post
    My regrets to the drone family. I'll pray for you. Be strong.
    LOL, I lost it.
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    They said the same thing in july and never offered any proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paraclef View Post
    My regrets to the drone family. I'll pray for you. Be strong.
    Best reply of the day, thank you.
    Back to topic: Honestly, who cares? As long as there ain't any missiles flyin' over my head I don't care. Same for most of the people around the world, mostly because we have to take care of our own problems like mortgage payments etc.
    "Not that I mind senseless violence, manling, but what are you doing to that old man?" - Gotrek, the Trollslayer

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    That's the risk you take when you fly over someone elses airspace with military aircrafts without permission.

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    So the Iranians destoryed an indtruding aircraft designed for espionage and the US are bitching? I bet the US is gonna respond by bombing the shit out of that country too.

    And the US response: we had information saying that the Iranians were making nuclear weapons.

    Bollocks, they are just scared someone might give them what they deserve. [sarcasm] Because it's not like the US has anu nuclear weapons nooooo ofc not. [/sarcasm]
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    What was the drone doing there in the first place? Spying on them? Well it's really no wonder it was shot down then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paraclef View Post
    My regrets to the drone family. I'll pray for you. Be strong.
    I raffed I rosed

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