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    Disc Priest- Haste, Mastery, Crit?


    Type of raid: 10 man
    Healers: Resto Druid, Disc Priest (swing healer pally when needed)


    Resto Druid had wedding so we 3 healed first 4 bosses (1-2 shot pretty much everything). Someone had a family emergency so we had to stop after 4 boss. Plan on finishing up tonight.

    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/h...?s=5430&e=5745

    My question:
    When cata first came out I was Mastery stacking. Once I got a better control on my mana (through better gear), I switched to Haste. My Current stat values are Haste>Mastery>Crit. My questions are:

    1) Would my over all "HPS" increase or decrease if I changed my stat priority to Haste>Crit> Mastery?
    2) Before I heard talk about Crit as the number 1 stat. Does anyone run like this? What type of numbers are you putting out? I am assuming a crit build would be more logical for 25 man's and not 2 healing 10 mans.
    3) Any general comments on logs/armory.


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    Disc has very close stat weights across the 3 stats; that combined with encounters changing values(different damage patterns), playstyles being different from player to player, and your potential role swapping (tank heal vs raid heal, 2 heal vs 3) means you can truly do almost whatever you want, and be successful. Do what you feel comfortable with, though looking at the overall values of poh/direct heals in your log I would suggest trying a haste>crit>mastery setup. You could probably stand to use a little more penance as well, don't discount the value of stacking up grace for 24% healing before bombing the tank with a borrowed time GHeal.

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    not only what docta said, but your playstyle has a humongous effect on how important the various stats are for you:
    - whether you're mana-stingy and favor idle time with low overheal
    - whether you're aggressive and prefer to snipe every heal you can
    - how much regen you need, how much spi you're forced to carry based on points 1 and 2
    - mostly, what your healing breakdown is is central.

    You just have to try different setups and see what you like best.

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    We 2 healed this week Disc/Holy Paladin. We added a Resto Druid for Zon'ozz.

    1) Based on your healing pattern, I would say that your mastery is doing very little to add to your throughput. I think that Crit would benefit you a lot more than mastery. Prayer of Healing benefits very little from Mastery, but gains a lot from Crit double dipping.

    A few weeks after FL released I switched from a mastery heavy build to Int > Haste >= Crit > Mastery, and I haven't looked back.

    2) Crit is a very powerful stat, but personally I feel that haste is stronger if your mana can handle it. Crit sems to be a popular stat for tank healing.

    3) It looks like you can you could use ProM more than you are. On most fights in DS it has been my #3 heal. There is a lot of pulse AoE in DS, take advantage of it. Using it more often will also help keep your T12 2pc up. (You're at 75-85% uptime)

    Your raptures are really low. You could afford to offload A LOT of spirit if you you could bring rapture times from 28 seconds to 18 seconds. In addition, could could take the 2 talent points out of Veiled Shadows and put them into throughput talents.

    I know you're running an SoS spec, but you used 23 shields for only gaining 11 raptures. That's also a fairly large burn on mana.

    Your spec and Glyphs are what I would consider a "Tank healing" setup. You're glyphed for Penance, but only used it 7 times on the first 4 bosses. I suggest either start using Penance, or replace the glyph with Barrier.

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    prioritizing crit>mst is indeed an HPS gain, but it only works in certain raid comps. If you start to feel that your healing becomes a bit too unstable, you have to start shifting crit back into other things. Also, even if stability is fine, crit has a tendency to overheal more than mastery (which is nearly immune to overheal).

    I tried a hst>crit>mst setup in 10 man as SoS, it worked extremely well. When I changed raid groups to a 25 man group, it didn't work at all. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    I tried a hst>crit>mst setup in 10 man as SoS, it worked extremely well. When I changed raid groups to a 25 man group, it didn't work at all. YMMV.
    Just out of morbid curiosity, What did you find to work better in 25m? I'd been running hst>crit>mst sos in 25m with a tank healing role and have been experimenting a bit with different setups though the loss of haste felt a bit gross during madness p2 this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Docta View Post
    Just out of morbid curiosity, What did you find to work better in 25m? I'd been running hst>crit>mst sos in 25m with a tank healing role and have been experimenting a bit with different setups though the loss of haste felt a bit gross during madness p2 this week.
    I think crit would be better in 25 man.

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    Right now my disc spec is AA. To even be capable of using all my mana (on difficult fights mind) I have to stack haste and keep my spirit down in the 2k range. HST>MST at the moment. MST turned out to be a much better choice than Crit for me in my current group, mostly because of raidcomp. We have 2 shamans (healingrain) hpally (holy radiance) druid (efflo) for 4 healing circles, along with another disc priest. She's SoS mastery stacked with very high spirit because she's possibly the most aggressive healer I've met. End result is any stats I stack other than MST jack up my overheal.

    But now in 4.3 they've decided I'll be mostly playing holy, so my disc spec is probably defunct.

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    I actually run with kind of the same setup you are inquiring about mookspal and the same two healer setup in 10 mans Druid / Disc combo so I hope my info can help you.

    At the moment and since mid way into Firelands I have been running with a spec of high crit and mastery med haste low spirit for the roll of tank healing / raid assist and so far it's worked out pretty well with very few healer related deaths. A high crit spec imo allows you to heal more with less casts due to both the extra healing and the DA which I found allowed me to swap out the majority of my spirit in favor of better stats.

    At the moment I have: 10.7% haste ( in game, armory doesn't add darkness 2% ), 20 mastery @ 50% absorb, 21.4% crit, and a lowly 943 spirit. With the level of stats that I have I could easily reforge the mastery to net me higher haste while still having fairly high stats over all, I haven't actually tried a haste crit build but since 4.3 and the shear amount of encounters requiring mass aoe healing I am thinking I may change to that.

    Speaking of spirit and how I can run with so little, fact of the matter is with my build I don't require passive regen and if I could I would drop spirit more, for anyone else looking to drop spirit I can only say experiment with it as low spirit builds will not work with every Disc spec and mana returns to actually being something you must think about.

    Here are the latest logs I recorded, they are not the most awesome kills what with all the wipes but I can tell you now the majority where down to very bad raid awareness rather then healer issues.



    In regards to Crit directly I would suggest that you start off with a minimum of 18% unbuffed as long as you have at least the +5% raid buff, below that I found Crit lacking and it hurt my healing. On the opposite side higher Crit beyond 20 to 25% unbuffed I found it required the loss of too much of other stats to get it higher and the payoff was minor kind of like going over a soft cap threshold, well actually that is only an issue if you plan to keep spirit as with higher spirit you have less points to play with in reforge.

    You have to remember that in a raid situation with say 18% crit it will be buffed to at least 23% then buffed again to 33% on a target with weakened soul, 33% crit rating is pretty a decent amount to have and if you include the odd inner focus use it bumps up to 58%. True WS doesn't really affect aoe PoH heals much but more Crit chance equals more DA and less healing required the next hit they take.

    To be honest with you though at this stage with the extremely high stats we can play with the throughput of one priest to another with equal items level doesn't really change much, a high crit priest = a high haste priest = a high mastery priest purely because Disc stats work better when even ish.

    Edit 1:
    I just noticed you have 2400 spirit and DMC:Tsunami giving you a constant +400 on top I think you should consider losing some of that regen and wasted stats, unless you are actually having mana issues in which case I suggest forgetting that PW:shield is a healing spell and think of it as a mana cooldown and + crit buff only.

    Edit 2:

    HPS is not something any healer should look at when deciding if changed stats did anything after all you can only heal equal to the damage incoming so basing healing on HPS changes per fight based on all sorts of cooldowns used and how much idiot 1 and 2 where standing in stuff.
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