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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkava View Post
    Did you read it?
    Not myself no. Others have done it and digged out the important parts.

    It's old info really, but alot of people have forgotten how Newt for example got the largest corruption fine in the history of the congress at the time ($300K)

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    Newt Gingrich has apparently thought better of using this Pearl Harbor Day to sell books.

    Mediaite reported the former speaker of the House has deleted a tweet that reminded his Twitter followers about the two World War II novels he has co-written:

    The 69th anniversary of the japanese attack is a good time to remind folks of our novels pearl harbor and days of infamy newt.

    OT: No I do not trust him. If the democrat's have to face him in this upcoming election. Obama will win hands down. People just view Newt as a mean old guy who stealing the gifts. He want's to put "Kids to work" and lower the age kids can work. Also make poor kid's clean up their own school instead of letting janitor's clean it. He can make you believe him the way he talk's but it's all smoke and mirrors. You know his has other intention's it's like an master mind rubbing his palm's against each other while laughing while a strike of lighting hit's outside and he laugh's. That's how I see Newt honestly when the camera's are off.

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    I trust him more then I would ever trust Obama again (not that I ever trusted him in the first place)

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    More information about Newt, less fear-mongering about Communists, is what I'd like to see.

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    Newt is such a scumbag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    Or the fact that he headed up the 'investigation' into clinton while having an extra-marital affair himself?

    Meh, Newt is just bad news.
    Why are people so ignorant of what actually happened to Bill Clinton? Nobody really cares whether or not he was having extra-marital affairs (except his wife, family, and the women accusing him of sexual harassment). The real question, and what got him impeached, was that he was accused of Perjury. That means he lied in court while under oath. In case you don't know, Perjury is a felony and can carry a sentence of up to 5 years in jail.

    The story goes like this: Woman A was accusing Bill Clinton of Sexual Harassment. During his disposition for that lawsuit President Clinton claimed that he 'did not have sexual relations' with Woman B. He later admitted to receiving oral sex from Woman B but claims that he did not lie, because HE never came into contact with HER genitalia. The Senate did not convict him of Perjury but he was held in contempt of court, he had his license to practice law in Arkansas suspended for 5 years, and he was fined $90,000 for giving 'false testimony'. These are not consequences that come from merely having an extra-marital affair, and I think most rational people will say that he was let off pretty easy given that he had clearly tried to mislead the court trying him for sexual harassment.

    Bottom line: Do Newt's actions here make him a scumbag? Yes, for the way he treated his wife. But do they make him a hypocrite? No. It was not hypocritical of Newt to pursue PERJURY charges against President Clinton, while having extra-marital affairs himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pert View Post
    More information about Newt, less fear-mongering about Communists, is what I'd like to see.
    Watch the video in the first post and tell me what you think. Plenty of dodgy info in there.

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