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    [TV] Those of you who watched tonights episode of "American Horror Story"


    How shocked were you when you found out about Violet?!?!?! like i don't know about y'all but, that genuinely shook me down to my core. especially the way she reacted when she saw it.
    So many questions!!!!!! i guess i have to w8 for next weeks episode!

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    Wrong forum for the TV show bud.

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    such an amazing show!

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    Kind of saw it coming. Props to them for not trying to drag it out and make it a season ending twist.

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    I was legitimately surprised. I guess now that I look back on it I could have guessed, but at the time I didn't even think anything of it.

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    I suspected it but I didn't think they'd actually do it, so props to them I guess. One of the better shows on TV right now, though the amount of ghosts that house is stockpiling is getting a little ridiculous.

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