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    Burning Tendons?

    What has everyone found the most success dpsing the burning tendons on the spine of DW (non LFR please). Im noticing that by time I get all my dots up and do any sort of meaningful dps then its already back down. Just want to see if anyone has found success just using archangel and MS spamming and then MB on cooldown?

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    i've always just used my normal rotation on them, didn't see any problems with it.

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    Just make sure you have 5 stacks of evangelism up, with wings/pet ready and an empowered orb buff from the amalgamation before it explodes. Dot it, pet it, wings and win.

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    Dots is the best option, they are only worse than MB/MSpike if you cannot get up 5/5 Evan + ES in a reasonable time before the boss dies. What you should be doing is keeping up flay on the other adds and getting orbs and keeping MS etc up so that when you actually switch to the tendon you just VT/DP/SWP quick and do your normal rotation. We're very proficient at switching target focus as a class assuming the initial ramp up is over.

    If you're having trouble downing them on 10 man normal you're group needs tighter rotations or better gear, 25 man is slightly less forgiving in the time to burn em down but everyone should be hard switching to tendons the SECOND they are up to ensure they die.

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    It's easily 1 tanked if your group is having dps issues.

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