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    Server queues.. Going to continue after launch?

    Hey im just wondering if the server queues that were in the early access are going to still be there when the game launches. Also i was wondering if the EST server the Fatman has a decent Republic playerbase. Thanks.
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    Hopefully queue's will be ok, but we'll see.

    The Fatman US has had a CRAZY queue time the past two days. Even this afternoon it had like an hour queue at 3pm, while Dark Reaver only had like a 10 min queue. Not sure what faction has a larger pop though.

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    Ahto city eu is allright, but i want more republic players, i am a level 25 sith assassin and so far i have seen one republic player(who may have been a higher level than me, and may just have kicked my ass). Warzone queue's as empire take a while as well.

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    If you really want Fatman, you are going to be in a world of hurt, their queue times are insane. There are plenty of medium pop servers and a load of new servers they are unveiling at the midnight launch.

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    I've seen some crazy fluctuation on The Ebon Hawke. We are an RP server East Coast with a very familiar name, so I dread launch and beyond, but so far we've went between 20 and 10 minute queues, depending on the day of the week.
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    Tough to tell, I'm sure Bioware is working on that right now, but there are also going to be a lot more players coming on.

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    Going way way down, because fanboys say there was an artificial cap.

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    I'm in a republic guild in the Fatman and I can tell you between the guild and trying to pug, I havn't ran into any issues picking up groups to do stuff. But as others have said the wait time on the server is LONG. It seems to me to be the most popular server because when all the servers are at heavy or lower, we're full with a 30 minute queue at minimum.

    But if you decide to roll republic, send a tell to Tholaan and I'll invite you to my guild!

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