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    Quote Originally Posted by nektar View Post
    I don't think Anet ever claimed that GW1's microtransactions were solely cosmetic. They only stated that GW2's will be.

    As for GW1 store, you are right, they did sell things that gave players an edge over others, such as the mercenary system and extra bank slots (both only useful in PvE), but the items you did mention (the PvP pack/skill pack) are superficial, anyone who has ever played GW1 knows this. Those packs were for people who are much too lazy to farm Balthazar points for 30mins just to buy a full build. If I were to think of an advantage those packs would give, it would be for those players who are more or less experienced in GW PvP, and they wouldn't need it because they would probably be swimming in Balth points already. Giving a new player those packs would be like giving a WoW newbie lvl 85, full decked out char and letting him play an arena match. He is gonna get his ass handed to him despite all the "advantages" he has.
    Give a newbie mage a Tyragosa's Rest, they will get owned in PvP, and like the spells and PvP gear that is sold in GW1 and the mercenary's as you said, Tyragosa's Rest is just as superficial as all of the above, it all just takes time. Too lazy to farm Eternal Embers and Seething Cinders?

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    I fail to see how you can buy a Tyragosa's Rest with real money.

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    The skills packs in GW1 really didn't offer an advantage over others. The way skills were unlocked in that game were kinda easy through normal play. They literally just give them to you discounting elites. And all you had to do for elites was equip a capture.

    IIRC, you get like 50% of your skills by just going to LA. If you had the expansions, one can port hop and pick up tons of skills by just talking to people in-game. Don't even have to leave the cities...
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    Paralleluniverse's arguments come off as very weird to me. For one, if you really enjoy playing competitively, then should you not assume that everyone you will be playing with or against will have the best items/spells/whatever available. In what way they are obtained shouldn't really matter. Or if it does, I guess I have a slight interest in hearing why.

    Secondly, there won't be a gear-treadmill, so even if they would sell the best items straight off the bat, (which I have a lot of trouble believing.) things would plateau soon enough.

    Thirdly, in competitive PvP everyone will be equal, paid gear or no. But I guess you were more worried about the hardcore PvE, which, I don't really know if it'll be too prevalent (I'm not saying GW2 won't have PvE in it, geez.) And I'm not saying this because of the lack of raids either. I think the lack of gear-treadmill might play a big part in it. But we'll see. Might be interesting to watch, even though I have no interest in competitive gameplay.

    Also, lastly, your points come off from a very, very hardcore point of view, (And by that I mean the kind of hardcore that whines when casual scrubnubs can be equal without using as much time in to the game.) and it really seems that you really like the tiered raiding system. So I dunno, maybe you should stick to those instead of copy-pasting 3 different posts in here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paralleluniverse View Post

    [/COLOR]The WvWvW also sounds like an utter disaster unless I'm misunderstanding the system.

    The buff that you gain for winning WvWvW, which according to someone above works for PvE, would force all serious raiding guilds to transfer to the winning server, or in the case where there is a delay in getting the buff, transfer to the server that they anticipate will win WvWvW.

    People will be consequencelessly jumping around servers in an (possibly ill-fated) attempt to better their chances at serious PvE content.
    Uh, what serious raiding guilds? There are no raids in GW2. There are some large server wide dynamic events that might happen, but there are no instanced raids where people can compete for world firsts. The PvE side of the game is just about working with other people on your server to help control Dynamic Events and hopefully unlock some large scale ones. Perhaps you should do some more reading before making up some wild theories that anyone who has done a small amount of research on this game would recognize as utter crap.

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    But what about my gigantic, flaming, spike-laden shoulders that clip through my head every time I fire my gun and look like they probably weigh more than the rest of my armor combined?!!

    Great guide. I've been jonesing for GW2 for a long while now, even though I was too much of a WOW snob to try GW1. Thanks for all the condensed info.


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    Great thread OP. Thx a lot.-

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    Very well put together OP.This will be spread around to many people I know who don't know what Guild Wars 2 is or are on the fence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omlech View Post
    Do we have any clarification on which it is though? No benefits for X amount of time or can't take part for X amount of time?
    there was an interview last year with like multiple devs and they were all answering questions about WvWvW. this was still pre-Alpha stage and i remember specifically because Jon Peters was talking about playing a warrior and doing some crazy tricks to stay alive and was almost dead or something but then his team came to his rescue and it was an epic moment, etc and he was like "wow, it's hard to believe that the game is this fun and still only in pre-alpha", paraphrasing ofc. during that interview they, Eric Flannun i believe, spoke about server transfers and that they were going to implement something to deter exploiting server transfers for WvWvW bonuses and they said that you can transfer to play with friends but you do not get any bonuses for a "still to be determined" amount of time and there would be other mechanisms there as well to help with that. another mechanism to help deter server hoping for buffs is by having the WvWvW be competitive and have the matchmaking system match similarly performing and sized servers to compete.

    to people thinking that you are just going to server hop for buffs, what's the point if you don't get any buffs after transferring? there will probably be server caps too and it will be hard to tell which server will win as servers that are getting stomped can tag-team on the dominant server, etc (this is not a dual faction pvp game, so get that mind set outta here please, it's retarded). and IIRC and the buffs are server wide and you don't get the buff bonuses for the duration of the match if you transfer, then if you are into PvE and want the buffs, what are you going to end up doing? YES YOU GUESSED IT, you will actually partake in WvWvW to ensure that you get the buffs instead of trying to game the system. that's the whole point of the buffs being server wide and for WvWvW actually being PvPvE, so even if you hate PvP you can still help your server get the buffs through completing DEs and other PvE objectives in WvWvW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paralleluniverse View Post
    I never claimed that Blizzard has gotten everything right. In fact, server transfers and particularly faction transfers have been an utter disaster from the faction balance point of view. Another thing Blizzard hasn't gotten right is world PvP. It should be obvious from WoW Classic and TBC that s workable and well-integrated world PvP system should be a rewardless one. Like Blizzard, GW2 also hasn't learned this.

    But it's sad to see the things that Blizzard did get right, not originally, but painfully through changes to failed ideas and iterating on the game over 7 years, completely forgotten and ignored, as is the case with the WvWvW buff.

    In post #175, someone quotes the wiki showing the buff is useful for PvE.

    By invoking the "you can obtain it your way" argument, it would be acceptable for ArenaNet to sell the best items in the game because you can obtain it your way by painstakingly beating the hardest encounters in the game or you can pay $15. And this is EXACTLY the reason why I won't be playing GW2: because everything ArenaNet has said and done suggests they are open to the possibility of selling the best items in the game for exactly this reason.
    I never claimed you even did, but you are defending points as if it was the best thing in life, so I'm pointing stuff out. About your comments from PvP, this is again you standing out like your opinion is the truth. Your opinion is your opinion, nothing more and nothing less and I won't respect it less than it is, just because you don't like the game. I wouldn't care if you did or didn't, but I'd like to clear things up which aren't that clear yet. But about your PvP comment, some people like having rewards in PvP, some people don't care and some people don't need or want them. But I'm pretty sure a great number of people would like to see rewards in PvP in terms like; "Gold, Vanity Items, Armors, Weapons, but I don't see buffs being a problem in a changing area with a lot of stuff happening". Sure you might not like it, and that's fine, but don't go around telling people Anet is doing a bad thing here, just because you don't like it.

    Again false, if you check post #176 which is the post you mean, it clearly states that it would only apply for WvWvW area's. But still if PvE was included, I would not complain.

    To get on your final point, there is no; 'the best item' 'the best armor' 'the best chickennugget' or whatever you can come up with. Go to google and google, buy BOE. You'll see websites selling the current best WoW gear, Mounts etc. THAT's a problem. You cannot compare buying the skill pack to; "Okay, if you pay us $15, you'll get the loot from current Dragon Soul raid tier or whatever". This isn't enhancing to the game.

    The Skill pack isn't enhancing to the PvE sector because your characters won't get the skills, it's for people who doesn't like to PvE in GW1, and still get the skills they need to have the game experience they want, instead of being forced in doing content you don't like doing. About you won't play the game just because there's a possibility that Anet would do that, that's the same (and I'm using some heavy comparing now);

    - You won't go to a bank just because there's a chance of being robbed

    - You won't drive a car because there's a chance you'd get an accident

    - You won't make love to your girl friend, because there's a chance she gets pregnant

    - Or you're just a troll who doesn't actually read people's comments and tries to understand what they mean with it, if that's actually the case and you're trying to get me mad bro? Don't worry, talking this much about the game makes me all excited once again, and yes that's easily possible after 5 years.
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    Woooo, I was looking for a thread like this, but this is better than what I hoped, thank you very much

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    everything i wanted to know... except for WHEN WILL IT COME OUT ALREADY!!! lol

    ot: if anybody is stupid enough to quote the entire OP should be IP banned for life. from the entire internet. that is one long post

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    Thanks for making this thread, I have a few questions:

    -Are there mounts in the game? Or a way to travel long distances in a short amount of time? because the maps seem huuuugee and it'll take forever to get from one place to the other

    -The elder dragons, are they like world bosses? or are they just the main plot villains?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knileci View Post
    -Are there mounts in the game? Or a way to travel long distances in a short amount of time? because the maps seem huuuugee and it'll take forever to get from one place to the other
    There are no mounts. GW2 will use "map travel". When you first go to areas you will discover travel nodes, anytime from then on you can open your map and select a node to instantly travel to it (for a small gold fee). It serves two purposes, 1) You don't waste your time getting to places (unlike the 14 minute flight from Darnassus to Silithus for example), and 2) it helps to get players out of cities and into all the far flung corners of the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knileci View Post
    -The elder dragons, are they like world bosses? or are they just the main plot villains?
    We do know that we will fight one of them as part of our personal story with members of Destiny's Edge, which suggests it will be instanced.

    World bosses like Tequatl and the Shatterer are minions of elder dragons.
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    With the easy server switches... What about... names? Its gonna be one unique name per whole game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapti View Post
    With the easy server switches... What about... names? Its gonna be one unique name per whole game?
    probably (they are still finalizing the whole thing), but with first and last names that should not be too hard to do.
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    I'm going to post this on my guild website. Great info dump very well written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapti View Post
    With the easy server switches... What about... names? Its gonna be one unique name per whole game?
    In Guild Wars 1 your name was unique to the world. Having something similar in GW2 isn't as far fetched.
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
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    We still have to wait and check the actual game and how guild wars 2 will hold up against tera online.First thing that bug me already is the spell icons.They just look like a mess .I want something shining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormgnoef View Post
    We still have to wait and check the actual game and how guild wars 2 will hold up against tera online.First thing that bug me already is the spell icons.They just look like a mess .I want something shining.
    Err clearly you haven't followed TERA enough. The game bombed out the gates in Korea, the lead designer left shortly after release stating that the game didn't turn out as he expected, players left quickly due to no endgame, the game being too easy and not enough grinding so noobs wouldn't be separated from the "elite". Monthly fees for Japanese players were something like $30 a month, though that may not have any bearing on the NA prices. So the Korean team is in disarray, Korean players left en mass so what this means is slower development of the Korean version which in turn means even slower development of the NA version. Have fun waiting on content patches because you're not going to see them often.

    Honestly though, you really think an action combat system tacked onto the standard MMO model made by Korean devs is going to stand a chance against GW2? Clearly you don't realize all good will for Korean MMOs in NA/Europe is gone after Aion.

    As for the spell icons, you think art designed by one of the best art teams in the industry is a mess? (this isn't even an opinion or subjective as ANet is home to 3-4 of the best concept artists in the world voted by Exposé and others.)

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