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    I love Character Creator but more than 10mins on Warcraft's... how? It's one of the most basic creators.

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    Gonna be leveling, primarily. I hope to find some good RP to involve myself in, I REALLY miss it.

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    It's going to be difficult for me to decide between PvP and PvE. I figure I'll probably explore a bit and do some dynamic events with friends, and limit myself to a couple PvP rounds. Thinking of saving WvWvW until lvl80, but I doubt I'll be able to stay away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    I love Character Creator but more than 10mins on Warcraft's... how? It's one of the most basic creators.
    I know! I'm worried about the dent in my sanity all these decisions will make. My characters even though I'm not an avid roleplayer often have a very specific back story, and my mind creates a very specific look and name for them when I can't get the name usually i toss the backstory and look along with it :S

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    I will know more when we get more info on WvWvW.

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    Play conquest PvP on every class until I decide which one I enjoy the most, then start leveling that class.

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    After spending a good hour at character creation (even though i know what race i will want) After that explore the world. Ive done this in every mmo ive played, explore first, lvl second, ....... third, profit fourth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    This will be the entirety of my first day as well, lots of important choices to make.

    Beyond that, I'll just wander around willy nilly for a while to see what the hell I can do.

    I will probably make a Guardian, Necro, and Mesmer and end up playing a bit of each to see which one I feel more comfortable with. So after 1 day I will either have a few level 5's or one character closer to 10 while the rest are level 2.
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    Try to locate cookies so I can begin phase 1 of my plan.

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    Probably sitting at character customization for about an hour. Once in game I'll just do the newbie quests and then explore the main area for hours doing whatever :3

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    do all the things!

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    Well, I'm only a nooby gamer so far; as in I only started gaming 1 year ago, have no gamer friends and haven't had experience with such greeat titles as GW yet; but IO'm going to do everything I possibly can in GW2, but I'll leave the PvP to a side mostly for the start.

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    make my first character, do the intro tutorial, and then just follow my nose and enjoy the beauty of Tyria
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    make my first character, do the intro tutorial, and then just follow my nose and enjoy the beauty of Tyria
    Pretty much this.

    I do have a plan for my second character though, and that is to live in the WvWvW area.

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    I'm going to play with a couple of friends. They'll probably yell at me over Skype for taking too long in creating a character. After that we'll leisurely level our characters and do some PvP as well.
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    spend about 5 mins making my sylvari guardian since i already know how she's going to look, then power level to 80 and pvp!

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    I'll probably do all stuff. I like to play everything a game offers me even if I'm not the great at PvP or PvE, but I do read and learn before hand.
    As per character creation... Ugh, maybe 2 hours is is a bit too short time for me

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    Oh, that's easy.

    I'll spend about an hour or two going through all the character customization for each race, making note of which options I like and dislike. Then I'll take a lunch break to decide which race/ hair color / face / story outline I want for each one of my classes, tallying up the pros and cons of each one and discussing it with my husband. I'll be unable to come to a decision quickly, so I'll offer my account to my husband temporarily for him to make a character and try it out. The whole process will take me several hours so I wont be joining you guys til late that night or early the next day.

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    I am going to enjoy the game at my pace. Sometimes I rush, sometimes I take it very leisurely and laid back. I am not in a rush once I get my hands on the game. Only thing I won't do much of is pvp. And even though crafting is a bit more interesting in GW2, I generally despise crafting.

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    I'll probably take forever to create a character, and then I'll be completely lost as to what to do. There are too many things. So I'm just not going to decide right now. I'm going to wait until I am in game, see what catches my eye and then I'll go do that. I'm just going to roll with it.

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