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    Talking What will you...

    Do when GW2 releases..explore, WvWvW and/or Small Group PVP, DE hunting or etc(spend 30min or more on character creation lol). I'm going to explore to find hidden things (DE/Item or w/e).
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    That is a hard one, I'm thinking just questing to be honest. I know I want to specific character that all I do is WvWvW and PvP but I think I'll quest with my Warrior to start it out.. Err not quest I guess but level!

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    Start up my Norn guardian and just go. 6 hours later after I realize how much time I spent in front of the computer I'll get up and eat a bit and use the restroom then either continue playing my Norn, or start another toon of another race.

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    Everything at once, I will probably have a meltdown.

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    I'll be doing whatever I feel like (everything) with my Norn Warrior :P, then stop and make a human Guardian, then stop and make a human Mesmer
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    I haven't enjoyed myself this much since the sacking of Coruscant!
    -Malgus playing the Mesmer

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    Play through story quests till capped/max gear. Then set up all the achievements in a excel list and blow through them as possible.

    I don't PVP.

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    I primarily participate in pvp game play but I'll be leveling to 80 and exploring pve content first.

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    Like most games, strive for level 80 instead of being caught up on what to do during that time. I will probably level by doing a mixture of PVP and exploration (dynamic quests). Once at max level, I'll possibly be looking at completing achievements and finding the gear I want to use.

    But exploration is probably what I will be doing most of all. The world ANet has designed is enormous, and I want to see every last bit of it.

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    World vs World with a bunch of low-leveled people with minimal weapon sets and utility skills.

    I cannot wait. :3

    Trying to avoid spending an enormous amount of time on the Character Creation by watching videos to decide on the more important parts, but Ill probably still end up spending a lot of time on it.
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    stare at the character screen for 4 hours trying to decide what I want to make first. Really leaning towards Mesmer at the moment...

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    After spending much time making my charr as badass as possible, probably just jump into the game. There's so much to do, may as well get to it!

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    brand new MMO presents so many ways to be unique. first to see a particular event, kill a boss, craft some gear, etc. being the first one running around with a big 2-hander of some kind crafted from a trophy drop would be pretty dang cool. definitely something i'll be keeping an eye out for.

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    I won't even get past the Character Creation Screen...


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    I know very little about GW2 and I tend to keep it that way.
    The more you know about a game (races/skills/whatnot) the less fun it is for me.

    So when I start the game I am going to read the description of every class and go from there... a normal first play through, whatever happens after that happens!
    ◕ ‿ ◕ uguu~

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    Go to a higher zone because the events will all be utterly raped and facerolled by the first influx of players. The standard DEs only scale up to 10

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    I'll spend the first week or so figuring out what class/character combo I want to play. For now I'm stuck between Asura Guardian (Mif got me hooked on the little buggers), Norn Ranger, Human Warrior/Thief, Charr Warrior/Engineer.
    "It's not enough to live, you have to have something worth living for."

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    30 minutes on character creation? pffft. Try 2 hours on character creation... gonna grab all my names on a few servers so I don't get stuck with some random name, like in SW:ToR.

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    what some of you have already said I would spend hours on the WoW character creation deciding and trying names and remaking characters when the names I picked out weren't available, with this many more options T_T its going to be a night mare trying to make my character, but also one of the most enjoyable parts of an MMO.

    After probably a good 6 hours of creating characters i'll probably EXPLORE, man I can't wait to just go around doing everything all at once walking around just for the fun of walking around. That nostalgia of when i first started WoW wall walking the side of mountains just to see what was on the other side scaring the fuck out of my self when I ran into areas and all the sudden get jumped by skull level spiders I wish I could get that back WoW is such a boring grind now.

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    Do ALL the things!

    On a more serious note, I plan to try everything the game has in store for me, including RP. I've never RP'd before and I have always seen it as something I would never even think of considering. Ever.

    Like Aion, i'll just sit at the char creation screen for a day. Hopefully GW2 won't take the 90 degree angle Aion did for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vafiveh View Post
    Like Aion, i'll just sit at the char creation screen for a day. Hopefully GW2 won't take the 90 degree angle Aion did for me.
    This will be the entirety of my first day as well, lots of important choices to make.

    Beyond that, I'll just wander around willy nilly for a while to see what the hell I can do.

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