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    DW Mace Proc

    Wondering how OP the proc is from Maw of the Dragonlord(Normal).

    Would it be worth it to forgo Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony(Heroic)? And/OR Visage of the Destroyer(Heroic)?

    Both Scalpel and Maw would be paired with Ledger of Revolting Rituals(Heroic).

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    Thanks...and I read that thread but it doesnt help. I'm not referring to the normal staff nor the normal daggar. I'm wondering if the proc makes up for the stat loss from heroic items.
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    Seemed like a good place to ask..but i shall leave it to you. :-)
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    Normal Maw, I use LFR Maw over Normal Visage, now there are times where the Visage might be more useful, fights where less stacking is required, H Morchok, Warmaster, but all other fights Maw is better, the proc can easily do 8%+ of your healing done.

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    If you are in a 25m raid, I would opt for the Maw outside of Hagara. With proper positioning it can account for up to ~10% healing done. In a 10m Scenario I would probably opt for a stat stick (besiders perhaps ultrax or a fight where everyone is stacking for the majority of the time)

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