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    Flagging for PvP in SWTOR

    Hey, sorry for the dumb question, but I'm really unsure of the mechanics around this.

    I play on a PvE server but got myself accidentally flagged by buffing a flagged player. No big deal, right? I thought it'd be like WoW and wear off after five minutes. I continued questing though, and that didn't seem the case. Upon further inspecting, I saw it specfically said I had to be in a safe area to get the flag timer to start. So what constitutes as a 'safe area'? Every time I get flagged and don't want to be, do I have to drop the questing I'm doing and go back to a cantina or rest zone and stand idle for five minutes? Or is it just anywhere labled as my faction's territory?

    Again, sorry if the question is dumb or I'm missing something here, but any clarification on this would be immensely appreciated!

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    Either a Republic/Empire Zone, usually an area like a Medical vendor or a quest hub will do.

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    Sitting in a Cantina for 5 minutes works too - so quick travel to a cantina and then unflag and sit there for 5 minutes. If you log out before the 5 minutes is up, you'll remain flagged.
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    Thanks, guys! I was hoping I wouldn't have to go sit somewhere safe for five minutes but I'm glad to know it's not limited to only cantinas.

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