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    1: It´s quite different with a MMORPG that should be kept alive for years. And a "sandbox", 1 player "console" game, play-win-quit. Hard to explain, hard to understand, lets just forget about this part then.

    2: Yes, B2P, I wrote wrong. Tho, it doesn´t give them a "safe" cash flow for top notch game "value". It may dent the influence of the quality of the game, but we can only see that when the game is ON.
    Quite the contrary, GW1 revenue has been funding the entire development of GW2 and has been keeping NCSoft afloat all by itself. Also, subscription MMOs allow the developers to become lazy and complacent (looking at you Blizzard). You sit there and pay month after month just to access the servers, sometimes you get content and when you do you may not even want it, but you have to keep paying anyways. With B2P, the developers must create quality patches because if they don't then people are less likely to buy expansions, furthermore if they don't create quality expansions then no one will buy them and they lose their biggest source of revenue. So the B2P model forces developers to make quality content in order to get money and as gamers we get to play said quality content, it's a win/win for everyone.

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    I don't understand why some people aren't excited for a new MMO experience. And by "new" I don't just mean the same game with a different title and a few extra gimmicks added in, I mean a new MMO experience.

    As for people sticking with WoW after the initial release, I see no problem with that. Especially not after what happened with ToR. If people want to wait and see how it turns out after the initial release then let them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omlech View Post
    has been keeping NCSoft afloat all by itself.
    Woah...where did you hear this? Anet and Paragon currently don't contribute a lot to their earnings, almost all their money come from Aion/Lineage 2 in South Korea and Japan (and the rest of Asia).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    I view it as the opposite. It gives them incentive to provide top notch quality in order keep people and have them buy their products. A sub based game sometimes seem like it promotes lazy practices (looking at you Blizz with your rehash content).
    Yes, that is true, (fatcat Blizz). Tho, it could also become opposite:

    - Should we make this & that feature for the game?
    - Nah, trim it by 90%, cut the bill. It´s a free game, we can insert valuable things in our Expansion.

    They could lose motivation somewhere in the "future". And just keep people paying for their Expansion & Micro´s, since it´s B2P. It even feels like they don´t "want" to be top, or in the top MMORPG list. More like it´s a game where you go to when you don´t feel like playing your main game atm.

    It´s interesting, it can go bad or good. Only thing "we/I" can do, is to wait for release.

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    I don't doubt Anet will provide content pre-expansion. What I am curious about is the speed and breathe of added content pre-expansion. Just gotta wait and see.

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    They were providing content patches between expansions before (including large instances) so I see no reason for them to not follow this path. This is just my speculation, but I foresee:
    - expansions every 7-8 months
    - expansions will include major content addition. New zones, few elite DEs, possibly new PVP mode, expanding WvWvW, new skills/traits and maybe even more races
    - small in between patches. Including dungeons, recipes, traits and of course some vanity/flair stuff

    One thing is sure, they will NOT add more powerful items/gear in expansions - that's official. They are thinking about rising the level cap, but that is still being discussed.

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    I think people are just skeptical considering how many other mmos have been flopped...I see a lot of well 'if they actually do that, it will be awesome..but only if'.

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    level cap won't change that much things (nothing?) anyway.
    i'll be more interested in new zones/weapons (thus skills)/armor skins/classes in xpacs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omlech View Post
    Quite the contrary, GW1 revenue has been funding the entire development of GW2 and has been keeping NCSoft afloat all by itself.
    Sorry, this sounds a bit far fetched. Where did you hear this from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernling306 View Post
    Sorry, this sounds a bit far fetched. Where did you hear this from?
    I can tell you one thing: he certainly did not get it from NCSoft's financial reports.

    I was perusing them the other day, and in any given year the GW1 revenue was a very small portion of NCSoft's incoming money. It was dwarfed by what they collected from Lineage 1 and 2 while Guild Wars was still pretty young, and later was still very minor compared to Aion. I'm think it also made less money than City of Heroes/Villains.
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