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    Question Whats a good alliance pvp server?!?

    Hello all alliance pvpers!
    I was wondering whats a good pvp server for the alliance?
    I play alot of classes on the realm Silvermoon, but the pvp is so bad horde wins 80% all the time..
    so can anyone help me here please?

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    Well... What kind of pvp are you referring to? If you mean BG's, then transferring to a new server wont do much good, im afraid.

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    Yes i mean BG's

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    In that case, you are out of luck. All servers are matchmaking in the same region. All EU/US servers are queuing to the same BG's.

    So, you have to change continent to maybe get better matches. Or race change. :P
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    Very sad, just got my warrior to 85 and allmost full pvp gear ;(!!

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    Well, maybe you're playing at the wrong time because I usually see more victories than losses when I play alliance, but again, I don't PvP on Horde.
    Time is something that do affect PvP on BG's, there's a difference in time for different realms, so you may see a server with lots of Horde online when Alliance are sleeping and vice versa. I know this wasn't a good explanation to my point,but anyone with half a brain can understand it so I'll leave it like that.

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    >good at PvP
    WTB talented signature creators!

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    Outland is the best, but also full so expect Q times between 7-10
    Frostmane decent and no Q times

    your choice

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    Go for Tichondrius, that is where vanguards roams.

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    Tichondrius is a good sever, Never played on it. But I heard good things.
    Kel'Thuzad also another good PVP server, Lots of RBGs and premades going on all the time.
    Darkspear - For all of the swifty fan boys. (But he is xfering to a PVE sever)
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    for US realms here are the best ones. tichondrius, sargeras, kelthazud, darkspear, off the top of my head.
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    kel'thuzad if you care about tol barad etc. and massive population imbalance. BG wise it doesn't make a difference what server you're on.

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