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    Oh no! I won't get to see the community whine insistently about how the virtual items bonus is a rip of, the virtual pass itself is a rip off, nothing good happened at BlizzCon, and all they hyper-sensitive politically correct police think Blizz purposely offended their pet cause / issue? /sarcasm Yeah I'm sure this post might be flame bait but if I was them I'd shut it down for good. The bad apples have spoiled it in a lot of ways. Unhappy people trying to drag everyone else down and rationalize it so they feel justified. Stinks because I always enjoyed it (and the game itself) for the light-hearted fun entertainment that it seems intended to be. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conscript View Post
    Well that is really surprising. I imagine they are going to use that event to preview all of their upcoming games and content like they do Blizzcon. Grats to the Asian players on getting their own convention. Thanks for ignoring the East Coast again Blizzard. This makes me think that MoP will be out prior to Blizzcon. It just seems weird that they wouldn't have their premier event in the States when there is a major game about to launch that they would have been previewing like crazy. Post-launch Blizzcon only features upcoming content patch information so they could still do that. More fuel to fire the Panda-ering to the Asian market folks sadly.
    Why do mods get away with taking sarcastic jabs at Asians?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tijux View Post
    One more reason to quit wow.
    thx god you Quit one mor idiot les ... bloody hell i dont even ....

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    People are going to be more disappointed when Titan isn't going to be revealed next year either.

    Titan will be revealed 2013 all three games (D3, MoP and HoTS) are out. Blizzcon in 2013 will therefore be stacked with announcing:- WoW xpac 5- D3 xpac 1- SC2 LoTV.

    Where the hell in all of that is Titan fitting? Nowhere.

    But in 2014 there is "nothing" to announce because that is the year all the expansions in 2013 are being released and they can focus a Blizzcon entirely on Titan.Thats my 2 cents.
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    he did not notice tor 1.1 was released before this vid came out, did he?
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    Gee golly, all you posters couldn't be more wrong! Everyone knows the real reason BlizzCon was cancelled this year is because they ran out of ideas for new non-combat pets to give out, duh!

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    That just shows they dont care about their customers anymore.

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    Does it matter either way with the world ending this year

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    If the world were ending this year I would want to go to one last BlizzCon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aadren View Post
    If the world were ending this year I would want to go to one last BlizzCon.
    Well seeing as it IS ending this year...maybe you should right to your congressman!

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    I don't think a Congressman can help me with a Blizzard issue. lol Everyone should just spam Blizzard with emails and phone calls although that hasn't really helped in the past. >.>

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