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    3202 haste -> everything else?

    So. been wondering alot. i seen alot of people saying going for 3202 haste is the best, then mastery. but on topguilds armory you see everyone going for like 2300 haste and then full out on mastery.. Is it becuase they cant reach 3202 yet? or is it for a specific fight?

    I could probably reach 3202 haste next reset, need 1-2 items more from heroic, but iam curious, if i should do that? or should i do something else..

    Would be awesome if someone out there could help me cya ingame!

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    ::10 char::

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    The value of mastery is increased if you have 4 set and use the mind spike + mind blast rotation. For example heroic spine where the dps that really matters is the burst on the tendons then reforging to full mastery would make sense.

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    With the 4-set and the correct rotation for it, the highest DPS you can get is with between 2200 and 2300 haste (with DI). You'll want to use the "reforge plots" option in simulation craft to find out the optimum number.

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    With 4 set t13 you want to reforge everything to mastery after reaching 2284 haste rating (with dark intent as a non goblin, 2135 as a goblin)
    I am not sure if it is worth to go for 2737(2583 gobin) haste rating if you aren't getting dark intent, but i rather doubt it.

    After DP&VT plateau mastery will outperform mastery will outperform haste on single target, and mastery will be equal to haste with 2+ targets/encounter with movement
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    Without DI i'd go for 2589 haste which is the VT+2 plataeu. I don't think you'd get much value going to 2737 which is the DP+2 based on the fact you recast DP quite a bit (moving for example) and adding in Spike/MB means you are creating more chance for DP not to get a full duration in.

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