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    So, the strangest dream I've had was only like a month ago. (New years eve/day) Well, in the dream, the date was 12/12/2047 when a meteor hit the earth and destroyed everything. I woke up as soon as it hit, checked my phone to check the time and BAM! My phone wasn't working anymore, but the screen was still lit, and the date on my phone was 12/12/2047 and the time was 12:01am. A month later my phone still doesnt't work, but when you charge it, it's still says the same thing. Also, the clock on the microwave was 12:01am when it's was like 5 in the morning.

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    I had one that i was in school without pants and i freaked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durmindo View Post
    I had one that i was in school without pants and i freaked out.
    I think everyone has had a "no pants" dream before. But 30 years ago, in year 8, my English teacher came to school without any pants on. Was hilhairyass. (See-what-I-did-there?)

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    I had a dream when I was little, me and my friends were basically the kids on It...
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    my aunt was eaten by giant pit bulls.

    I now despise pit bulls and will never own one.

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    I had this crazy dream where two people at my school started dating, and the next week it happened.

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    I had an odd dream a few nights ago. I was driving a truck around some city, turned left to go up a hill yet it ended up being a one way street - the wrong way - and not only that the truck wouldn't even go up the hill so I had to push it up myself with this superhuman strength I apparently had. After a few minutes of people swerving out of my way I decided to forget about the truck and jumped on some bicycle that was randomly next to the road, turned around and headed back down the hill. I arrive at a wooden door on an off ramp, where I meet Julia Gillard (the PM of Australia) and she proceeds to tell me that there's roadworks so we have to go through the doors and carefully climb down what looks like this 50 year old wooden playground. We get the bottom and a car pulls up, full of her bodyguards, and we jump into the car whilst I eat an onion.

    The whole thing made no sense whatsoever, but that's the best thing about dreams ^_^

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    The weirdest dream I had was sort of a reccuring dream. It always started with me in a massive circular chasm running away from a giant brachiosaurus. One time I ran away, another time it crashed into a car somehow and another time I opened a magical chest in the middle of the chasm and the brachiosaurus disappeared in a golden light. After that, I was a merman climbing up a mountain, looking for some artifact at the top. When I got about a third of the way up I forgot I was a merman and met an old man who kept giant bees. He told me the bees were having sex, even though they weren't really doing anything (I was seven at the time so I had no idea what sex was). When I reached the top, I met a fairy who said she would grant me a wish, but instead teleported me to the face of a cliff, which I climbed half way up before being captured in a giant bubble.

    I can't remember much after that except for a giant venus fly trap, a killer boat, me being the chosen one and talking to a stranger about how I couldn't fly. There might have also been a literal stairway to heaven on the boat but I'm not entirely sure.

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    I'm going to be honest here. I had a dream that I was... well... sitting in burger king. I really have no idea why. I also had a dream where I had went through a whole day of school, of which I stayed home that day. When I went in the next day, I seemed to know everything from the day before, despite being absent. /shrug

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    Want to know a freakin crazy dream? I dreamt Jaina was REAL! yeah thats right REAL! In the dream we went to carls Jr only for garrosh to call me a punkass then some how some way I ended up in voltron stomping garrosh only to have saurfang with his creepy laugh show up and start cleaving voltron's feet! =/ I play too much WoW.

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    Only dream I remember after a few days was when I was about 5, and it was a series of nightmares on the same night.

    First one was my family and I walking down this very dark forest, and we came across a lumberjack. The lumberjack needed help chopping wood, so my dad went ahead. As he was doing an overhead swing, the axe went into his back, and we had to bring him to the lumberjack's house. He put him on this workbench, and basically made him into a robot. Robo-dad then proceeded to kill me.

    Later that night, I had another nightmare where I was in my bed, and I got up and walked down the stairs. Now, at the bottom of the stairs was a corridor with like three doors, and on the left side was a door that connected to the garage. Once I got to the bottom, a monster (posted at the bottom) came out of the garage door and proceeded to walk towards me. I was cowering on the floor, and it opened it's mouth and vomited in my mouth. Then I woke up. The next day, my dad (the real one) asked me if I did anything in the garage, since a bunch of thing were knocked over. /spooky

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    I had a really really wierd one the other day. No clue where we were, but it was like a laundry room, with another room attached kinda thing. Then my friends GF was in the other room, and she was taking a shower there, then my friend is there too, and somehow me and my friend end up in a bath together! Nothing happening, just chilling in a bath tub. Then this guy that Ive not seen in 8 years or so turns up and walks into the room where the girl is showering, and she ofc freaks out cos shes naked in the shower. Me and my mate in the bath just look at each other and shrug.

    Then we end up in South-East London (Woolwich.) My dads showing us around the new LFR station, and train station, and we go get a take-away somewhere. I think there was more, but I cant remember it.

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    Well, I had a dream when I was three, that a giant skeleton ate me, for some reason that still scares me.

    The weirdest dream I've ever had was an Inception style dream. I knew I was dreaming in the first one, but when I woke up (I was still dreaming) I thought I had actually woken up. It was incredibly weird.

    I HATE dreams where I get swarmed by bugs, it makes me shudder thinking about it, although I don't mind bugs normally.
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    I haven't had a single dream since my mental breakdown.

    But before that I used to have these basic dreams, where I am being chased by wall or something else that I can't see and end up getting caught/crushed or falling to a deep chasm.

    Once, when younger, I dreamed about being stung by a large hornet/wasp. I know it had something to do with my previous days encounter with a wasp, but before the nightmare I was never absolutely horrified about them.

    Damn dreams scarred me, luckily I don't need to suffer through them anymore.
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    I dreamt once that I was driving up a mountain with a car. Me and my sis sits in the back of it. Then suddenly my sister rip off my car belt, open the door on my side and pushes me out, and I fly down the mountain. Then I woke up.

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    You guys are gonna laugh or think I'm lieing..but here goes.
    This dream was about a year ago, give or take.

    I went to this girls house that I was talking to at the time (we'll call her derpette), and I asked to see her ferret's (she has ferrets irl). So she took me upstairs and we played with them and shit. Then things started getting frisky and we started kissing and threw each other on the bed, a lot of touching and all that nice stuff. We're both there naked about to have sex, suddenly derpette stops and says she wants to bring her friend. So I get all excited and say okay. The door gets kicked down like if it was the fucking SWAT team by that pink kangaroo from those aussie shampoo commercials. It starts looking at me in a weird way, smiling, and rips off it's pouch. Under that pouch is it's vagina, but it looks like that venus fire trap creature from Super Mario Bros and it's chomping at me. So the damn kangaroo starts hopping towards me with it's chomping vagina, and derpette starts laughing like crazy. Then I look behind me and there is a billy goat with a top hat and a monocle and he says "well, I say!" in a British accent.

    I woke up after was an understatement in my opinion.

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    I usually dont remember my dreams for long, like for twenty minutes after waking up. But when I was a small kid I saw a bat flying towards me, my sister and my mom on our yard. When it came close it grew bigger than a human and grew arms and legs, took my sister and flew off. Then I woke up.

    The funny thing is, the dream happened, except that there came no bat and my sister was not taken.

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    There was one dream in particular that I remember rather vividly. I'm in a space craft, out in deep space. The dream opens with me talking to several people, and I think they were actually in the ship with me. After talking with them, I look outside the craft and see that we're passing through an asteroid field. I then turn around and see that I am actually alone in the ship, and as I come to realize what's happening I can see two flat asteroids moving, ever so slowly, closer to me. They don't ever actually impact, but I'm left with this feeling of absolute despair as I see that I'm alone in this void, with only the uncaring rocks that inhabit this space to keep me company.

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    Just as an example, yesterday, I dreamed that Harbringer Skyriss was invading the Earth and kept sending some bugs shaped as miniature trolls that would explode after some time. I guess that teaches me not to do Arcatraz at 1.30 AM with a severe headache.

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    I can never remember the details of my dreams for long after I wake up, only like 5-10 minutes or so. All I remember after that are fragments of the dream, like a sound or an emotion. All my dreams are simply weird though, they usually involve at least one of the following elements: Parkour, sex, monsters, aliens, partys, animals, completely random locations. Sometimes all in the same dream (those are the _really_ strange ones). I also tend to dream in english regularly, even though that's not my main language, very strange.

    Asseymcgee's dream could easily have been one of my dreams as well.

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