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    [Ret] Cooldown's and CS cooldown

    When you use AW/Zeal I find alot of times my CS has a .5-1 sec left on it after the GCD. Is it worth it to wait for CS or just use a filler?

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    Use a filler. You're better off pushing CS back by some portion of a GCD than letting that time go by idle.

    Edit: It usually works out that you can alternate exo procs(or judgement if no proc) and HoW as fillers. HoW may not be the powerhouse it used to be with the massive crit chance, but it can still be nice. It normally goes CS-TV-HoW-CS-TV-Exo(Judge)-CS-TV-HoW, etc. Don't forget that if you have 4-piece (likely, with LFR helping) your fillers are boosted by the 18% damage buff too.
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    It depends on which filler will you use. HoW and Exo are okay as fillers during zeal+aw, judgement or HW aren't.

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