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    [H] Xemplars (1/8H) LF tank, late night weekend raids

    Xemplars is a 10-man guild on Gul'dan Horde. We recently lost a tank, and need an immediate replacement to keep progression rolling. we'd like to get someone in this week, as part of the core group. Our raid days are Friday and Saturday, 930PM-130AM, central (server) time. You don't have to have 400 ilvl, but we do want to see that you know what you are doing. A strong dps off-spec is preferred. Your best bet is to stop by our forums at xemplars.wowstead.com and let us know you're interested. Otherwise, you can stop in on Gul'dan and ask one of our members for an officer. You can also PM me through MMO-Champ.

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    A paladin would be sweet.

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    A DK would be excellent.

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    Druids? Please?

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    I know there are warriors out there.

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