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    [H]Flat Earth Society 8/8 HC recruiting for higher world rankings in MoP.


    We are recruiting a Holy Paladin and an Elemental Shaman OR a tank other than Blood Death Knight with super high priority.
    As always, all great players of any class will be considered too.

    General info

    • The guild was created in September 2011. We established our roster at the end of T12 and managed to achieve a respectable 189 rank worldwide for T13
    • Very stringent recruitment policy (if you don't know what WoL is we are not looking for you!)
    • Very ambitious aims (competition for a top 50 worldwide ranking in Mists of Pandaria)
    • Very experienced leadership in both serious raiding and team-management in general
    • While fast progression is our No.1 goal and we raid 5-6 times a week during progression, maintaining a humane and friendly raiding atmosphere is one of our top concerns
    • Offspecs/raiding alts are a huge plus, since we want to keep a tight roster
    • Did I mention we are 10 man?

    Monday: 18.00 to 23.00
    Tuesday: 18.00 to 23.00
    Wednesday: 17.00 to 23.00
    Thursday: 18.00 to 23.00
    Friday: Tentative Day, when we raid, we start at 19.00
    Saturday: Free Day
    Sunday: 18.00 to 23.00

    *Note* During progression we are expecting you to be able to have a flexible schedule and attend extra raids, raids that start earlier or end later.

    7/7HC in Firelands (Ragnaros killed on the 27th of November)
    8/8HC in Dragon Soul (7/8 PRE-nerf)
    Madness down on the 3rd of February (5% nerf)

    If this looks interesting to you, visit:

    Contact details

    skype: Valaras (Greece)
    realID: [email protected]

    Alternatively you can always contact me on Twisting Nether or leave your contact details here so I can reach you.
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