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    LFR vs Normal DS

    As a melee DPS, im just wanting to know how different the fights are compared to LFR? What bosses out of the 8 should i learn before i go in?

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    All of them. They all have significant differences so do yourself and your raiders a favor and do your research.

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    learntoraid.com gives a very comprehensive guide to all of the fights.
    In addition to watching these videos I would simply ask in raid chat for the raid leader to explain what the differences are between LFR and Normal. They are pretty simple once you know what to look for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conno View Post
    All of them. They all have significant differences so do yourself and your raiders a favor and do your research.
    This is correct. Virtually all of the bosses have added mechanics in normal DS that aren't in LFR. In addition some mechanics that are in LFR, but are usually ignored, WILL wipe you in normal DS.

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    Trash can also be dangerous, I've seen quite an amount of wipes before Zon'ozz
    Have a look here: http://www.icy-veins.com/dragon-soul-trash-guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by capitano666 View Post
    Trash can also be dangerous, I've seen quite an amount of wipes before Zon'ozz
    Have a look here: http://www.icy-veins.com/dragon-soul-trash-guide
    They nerfed the trash before Zonozz. Halved its damage.

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    Just dont ignore, what you ignore in LFR and you'll be fine. DS normal is really easy.

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    Ihttp://www.icy-veins.com/raids is pretty awesome have a look it will explain. basicly you have to lissten to mechanics unlike LFR + some extra bits.

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    Zon'ozz will wipe you in normal if you dont know what your doing. the other 3 of the first 4 are similar, except hagara has tombs you need to watch out for. Ultraxion is the same as LFR BUT you HAVE to look out for Fading light,

    Blackhorn, Spine and Madness you will defiantly have to study

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    after some pug runs on my server, in my opinion it is very raidleader dependent. in one he explained everything always (yeah smoking breaks :P ) in other (mostly guild groups) nothing was said. some people always fail but most understand the mechanics if explain it before.

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    as a melle dps it's almost identical in normal with only minor changes from lfr.

    morchock -> black blood kils you quicker only real change

    ooze -> when starting out 0 people can stay on boss all dps need to kil slimes -> you have to spread out on green ( which you don't in lfr)

    warlord -> stay on the melle stack and GET OUTA THE WAY when your wanting ball to hit boss

    hagraa -> same as lfr for melle dps

    ultraxon -> Fading light can now Effect YOU! learn to push the button better as hour of twlight will now 1 shot you

    gunship -> jump in purple swirls more and all dps jump on sappers, Sappers a new mob who after droping onto ship "vanishes" and re-appears nearer to the doorway kil him before he reaches it or the ship loses a big chunk of it's hp (700k in 10 man not sure of 25)

    spine -> Barrel roll! is only real differance to lfr

    madness -> all dps gota switch for elementium bolts and if it lands you die! except for a single platform where you run to a stack up point for cooldown useage by healers/tanks -> proper Dream useage by all raid members

    so small changes initially but get more further down the line

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    Reading the dungeon journal should be enough to tell you all thats changed, its not much, you just cant ignore the mechanics like you can on LFR.

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    I havent done the final two bosses spine and madness but the rest is very simple. Its very much like the LFR if you play properly. In LFR you arent punished much or can ignore certain things. DONT in normal. There is the addition of a few small things too. But nothing huge i would say. For me its easier than most normal raids so far.

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    Personally, I'm not a fan of learntoraid. Check out FatbossTV on youtube. Their guides are pretty well made, and are specific and to-the-point. No beating around the bushes with them.

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    LFR is a good place to practice most of the mechanics you'll see in normal DS. You just have to keep in mind that Normal mode is not forgiving of the mistakes you can get away with in LFR, and you have to make it a point not to reinforce bad habits.

    With DBM, if you are on your toes you can figure it out as you go for the first four bosses, with the exception of zonozz. You'll almost certainly need to gear up before you can go farther unless you are being carried, so you can worry about the rest later.

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    Madness is the only one that is not much differnt

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