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    Fire - Stat priority as you struggle for 1500 haste

    I understand that INT is the key stat. Followed by SpPwr and Hit.

    After this it gets confusing. I know Mastery is the worst secondary, but where is the balance of when I should switch from Haste to Crit?

    I've heard people say that 1500 haste is your target. Is that true? At 1500, should I start prioritizing Crit > Haste until I start to get into HM stuff where I could find even more Haste (Enough to reach the next 'tic')

    Fyshe - US - Zul'Jin - http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/us/Zul'jin/Fyshe/

    *Yes - I know the ring needs an INT, I got it a few days ago and haven't gotten around to it.
    *Yes - I know my hit is 0.44 below Cap - I need to reforge after switching to Fire

    Thank you for any advice,

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    1505 is the break point, i see mages around 1505-17xx your haste decides how much stacks stolen time you need before you use combustion (in the beginning) it depends on your trinkets (you got a 20 seconds time window for good ignite)
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    Please refer to the Fire Mage sticky thread for all basic questions, also the first post on that page is a Fire Mage guide, you can find your answer there.

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