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    Symbiosis says hi, you need to have the class in your group like mage gives resto ice block which drops threat (Kitty can take feign death from hunters) but its a nice way around not giving every class every talent.

    If every class had everything the game would be even more boring then it already is. honestly a aggro dump is the one talent resto druids don't have atm (that they could use)

    They haven't finished what druids get from other classes with this talent but i can see resto getting dispersion things like that.

    You could also switch to bear if you took the heart of the wild talent cause switching from resto to bear switches 95% of you int to armor its not a aggro dump but may save your life till the tank picks the adds up. (In theory)

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    if your looking for dps/healing increase talents, for the most part you wont find them here.
    There all utility, i do agree that raids like dragon soul there pointless but Nef and magmaw things like typhoon and a stun would have been nice.

    I would love to have renewal for the slime boss on heroic. in dragon soul
    Displacer Beast, randomly teleport away and activate Prowl. What does this have to do with Symbiosis?

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    ...Blizzard has no idea what they are doing anymore, I feel like they are trying to let wow die, and replace it with another mmo they create. Lets be honest here Cata content was horrible, no interesting story lines...well minus the BURN TAUREN BURN!!! part. Lving to max in 2- 5 days, certainly didnt help things. And now we get a 6 talent point system, that take no effort no thought process. Then adding the stupidest race they could ever think of...truly sad

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