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    Mine is all 3 of my nicknames. Jibby - when my niece was two, she couldn't say "jeremy" so, it came out "jibby". And it stuck. Jack - I was the jack-in-the-box in the 6th grade play, so some of my friends call me jack. Joe - a chick in highschool didn't know my name, so she called me joe. I didn't know hers so I called her Sally.

    Also, OP...fantastic idea for a thread. Refreshing not to read "OMG WOW IS DYING PANDALOLOLOL" every once in a while. +1 internets

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    Mine is a kind of pseudo-nickname going back about 12 years. It's essentially a drunk bastardization of my given name.

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    I have like no idea what I was thinking.
    FC 2793-2016-8218 - Name: Suoma

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    A friend said i was a strange type of person and i thought hmm strange breed. Now i use it everywhere and its my mains name.

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    Name of my favorite alt.

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    Name of my former D&D character. He single handedly started and ended a cosmic war between the Prime Material plane and Hell. Butchered the 9 lords of hell, committed mass genocide against the fiends. He became more powerful than a god, then declared himself the king of all lower planes.

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    Because when Internet started to be popular - my old irc/mail name (echo) was already taken everywhere and I hate numbers in nick (didn't know 1337 5p3a|< than :P) so I had to come up with another one. Since than it's my nick almost in every game/forums (though sometimes have to replace e with 3 because it became more popular)

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    In that game Final Fantasy XI, my main was Aeternus. As everyone does in mmos, people tend to call you by the first few letters of your name, so I was called Aet. I played the game for 5 years so that name stuck. Now that I've been playing WoW, I have a new nickname, but I still went with Aet when creating this account.

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    Maelle was my "main" at the time I created this account

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    Because mages are seriously OP

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    m @ Ludd.

    Simple as that.
    I am the Kwisatz Haderach

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    I played WoW, then i was reading WoW realted book, then i played WoW again, made new character, wanted to name it like character from book, Durotan Dosomething.... Dorino. end

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    It was an RP character I made about... 12 years back or so, with a group of friends. Technically, it's a character's alter ego/call sign in a spin-off Gundam kind of storyline thing we were doing. Basically, after that scenario, all of my gamer tags have been Bane Falcon, or some other character from that world.

    Odd little tidbit: Every single Banefalcon on the WoW US servers is me, except for a Human Paladin, because I'll never roll humans. >_>
    "It was the product of a mind so twisted, it was actually sprained." -Douglas Adams

    Quote Originally Posted by nurabsal View Post
    on an aside, i think Bane Falcon might be my hero
    2-2-2012. We shall always remember the day where Paladins ascended through the Light to become GODS.

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    Me being 10 and making a runescape account... WRITE MY LAST NAME, PRESS ENTER WITHOUT CHECKING GO.. Runescape didnt have norwegian letters and therefor my username became Eids, and from that day allways has been, everywhere.

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    Name of my main; one of my favorite rocks.. very little or no quarts content at all. (only few blank spots when doing microscopy :P )
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    The name of a friends daughter way back in the day.
    Haven't talked to her in almost a decade (maybe longer) but I love the name.

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    My name is Dylan. I'm pretty chill.

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    I wanted a username I could remember but could not immediately be linked back to me.

    So I used the name of a goblin alt I once made on a different realm.

    His name was Elexo Looter as in Lex Luthor, only more cleverer..

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    Corpses are cool yo.

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